5 Best Ways to Find Hourly Workers for Your Business

with Desmond Lim | Workstream Co-founder & CEO


Desmond Round
Co-founder & CEO | Workstream

Meet the Speaker

Desmond Lim | Co-founder & CEO of Workstream

Desmond Lim is the Co-founder and CEO of Workstream, an automated hiring platform for companies hiring hourly workers. Growing up with parents who were hourly workers, Desmond is well-acquainted with the opportunities as well as the challenges that hourly workers and their families face. He is a graduate of Harvard and MIT Media Lab, former product manager at WeChat, and investor at Dorm Room Fund. He is based in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters.

What You'll Learn

The hourly worker landscape
Desmond will review the hourly worker landscape and where you can find high-quality candidates.
Finding hourly workers
There are a variety of recruitment tactics that you can implement to find hourly workers. Desmond will cover off on the most effective methods to garner job interest from hourly workers.
Finding the best candidate
Now that you have applicants in the door, how do you filter through them to find the best ones?