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    Restaurants | 3 min read

    10 Fast Food Brands Ditch Their Meat

    Vegetarianism is on the rise. A recent Harris Poll National Survey found that over 8 million Americans are vegetarians - an additional 1 million prescribe to a vegan diet. Fast food brands lived up to their names by responding FAST. Here are 10 brands that added environmental sustainability and plant-based meat alternatives last year. 

    1. McDonald’s has taken several steps to increase its sustainability efforts. In North America, they only use cage-free eggs and antibiotic-free chickens. In September 2019, McDonald's worked with Beyond Meat to launch a 12-week test of the P.L.T. burger in Canada. 

      mcdonalds plant burger
    2. Little Caesars began offering a meat-free sausage pizza topping made by Impossible Foods in May 2019. Impossible Foods also announced that it will launch its plant-based sausage this year.

    3. Burger King brought us the Impossible Whopper - now their most successful menu item. BK's Impossible Burger has led to a 10% increase in sales. Burger King also partnered with Unilever to supply plant-based patties in Europe.

      burger king impossible whopper
    4. KFC launched a vegan ‘chicken’ burger. Demand for it was said to be five times more than expected when it was first announced in July 2019. It has since become a permanent fixture of the KFC menu.
    5. Del Taco launched vegan meat in all its branches in Feb 2019. It is their most successful product launch to date.

      del taco meatless tacos
    6. Carl’s Junior started selling plant-based breakfast items in December 2019. Their breakfast sausage burrito is made of egg, cheese, and Beyond Meat’s meatless sausage.
    7. Hadee, owned by Carl’s Junior’s parent company CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc, went one step further: they launched a full meat-free breakfast menu.

      Hardees Beyond Meat Menu
    8. Greggs added meatless baked goods - sausage rolls and steak bakes - to their menu in December 2019.

      vegan greggs steak bake
    9. Johnny Rockets added a vegan option – the Gardein’s black bean burger. Made with black beans, brown rice, bell peppers, and corn, the savory "patty" is served on a whole-wheat bun, with lettuce and tomato.
    10. Dunkin’ launched their Beyond Sausage Sandwich in October 2019. Then they partnered with Snoop Dog to release a limited edition glazed donut beyond sandwich!

      Snoop Dogg Beyond Sausage Sandwich

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