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    7 Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Being a small business owner is not easy. It never has been. It likely never will be. But the pandemic has made it significantly harder. And that means self-care is all the more important!

    But we know. Why would you prioritize self-care during this time of year when you’ve got other things to worry about, like getting through the holiday season? Because self-care isn’t just a luxury. It’s a requirement if you want to sustain any success you’ve had so far.

    That’s why in this article we’ll be sharing eight self-care tips for entrepreneurs who want to finish 2021 strong and go into 2022 even stronger! But, first, we know you may need a bit more convincing about the importance of self-care. So, let’s start there.

    Why Is Self-Care Important for Entrepreneurs?

    Taking time for yourself may feel like you're taking time away from your business goals. But you can choose to see it as an investment in your health, your business, and your ability to lead your team through whatever challenges lie ahead.

    The World Health Organization defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”

    In short, it means proactively taking care of yourself so you can stay healthy. This is particularly important in 2021. Now, you have to keep up with the ever-changing pandemic guidelines affecting your restaurant. On top of that, you also have to manage ordinary business stressors, such as managing your staff and administrative tasks.

    If you want to handle all of that with the grace and professionalism of a true leader, then you need to dedicate some time to self-care.

    7 Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Luckily, self-care doesn’t need to take up all of your time. Experiment with one or two of the self-care tips below to find the ones that you can easily fit into your lifestyle.

    #1 Give Yourself Permission to Schedule “Me Time” Daily

    The idea of “me time” may sound silly. You’ve likely got a long to-do list every day. But it’s the first step in prioritizing self-care.

    So, before moving on to the following tips, take a look at your calendar. When can you consistently slot in at least 15-30 mins to do something entirely for you? Remember, this time isn’t a waste. It’s the foundation of balancing your health and achieving your goals over the long term. 

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    #2 Sharpen Your Brain and Boost Your Mood with Exercise 

    Exercise isn’t just for getting fit or slimming down. Regular exercise also improves cognitive function by increasing levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and supports your mood by releasing endorphins (the happy hormone).

    As a business owner, you can imagine how both of those benefits can have a significant impact on how you handle the stresses of the day. Those benefits can also lead you to make smarter business decisions and create the type of work environment that helps you attract and retain quality employees

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    #3 Free Up Time by Learning to Say “No”

    You likely have to respond to multiple requests every day—be it from your business partners, employees, or customers. At some point, the requests might be more than you can handle, especially during the end of the year.

    Learning how to say “no” politely yet firmly can significantly improve your productivity. Why? Because by turning down unnecessary plans or counterproductive meetings, you free up more time for you to fully engage with more important restaurant activities.

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    Why The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Say No 

    #4 Get Things Done When You’re Not Dorking by Delegating and Outsourcing

    Some days the to-do list just seems like it is never-ending. Work piles up, requests keep coming in, and the phone doesn’t stop ringing. In this scenario, a smart approach to delegation and outsourcing is your friend.

    It’s okay to assign some tasks to your co-workers and employees. You may need to spend some time upfront ensuring they have all the tools and information to complete the task well. But, once that’s done, you’ll free up some time in your schedule. And, for tasks that really slow you down, consider outsourcing.  

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    The Entrepreneur's Guide of Outsourcing Work Without Losing Quality 

    #5 Protect Your Cognitive Abilities by Getting Quality Sleep

    It can be very tempting to sacrifice an hour or two of sleep to get more work done. We are all guilty of that. Nonetheless, the cost of sleep deprivation shouldn’t be ignored. Without enough sleep, you run the risk of forgetting important information, being unnecessarily irritable with your staff, and making poor business decisions.

    How much sleep do you need? Everyone is different. But, according to the CDC, the average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

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    Entrepreneurs Who Sleep More Are Better at Spotting Good Ideas 

    #6 Nourish Your Mind and Body with a Balanced Diet 

    Your eating habits have an impact on your brain. Eating a good meal that contains complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and vegetables could help your body produce more serotonin, a hormone that stabilizes your mood and makes you feel good.

    To ensure you are eating well make your decisions the night before the day. That way you don’t have to spend time thinking about what to eat while running around the restaurant. 

    Learn more:

    How to Eat Healthy as an Entrepreneur 

    #7 Stay Connected to the Present by Practicing Mindfulness

    Whether it’s now or in the future, there’s always something for you to do when running a restaurant. Unfortunately, always focusing on what needs to be done can be draining. And it’s easy to become overwhelmed if your focus stays there for too long.

    Mindfulness is a practice that can help by giving you a way of slowing down and focusing on which tasks—whether they be work-related or not—are currently worth your full attention. Research shows it can also improve cognitive flexibility and increase workplace performance

    If you’ve never practiced mindfulness, try starting with a guided meditation. This can be done in just five minutes each day and still have profound effects over time.  

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    How to Adopt A Mindset That Can Improve Your Business And Your Life

    Final Thoughts

    When you’re running a business, it’s easy to deprioritize taking care of yourself. But you definitely shouldn’t! Self-care is how you make achieving your personal and business goals sustainable in the long term. Try out one or two of the tips we’ve shared here to get started.

    And, once you do, try to make sure your employees do the same by creating a supportive work culture! For more tips on that, take a look at our recent article on How to Build a Strong Culture Among Hourly Workers.  

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