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    Restaurant Hiring | 10 min read

    What Burger King’s Hiring Process Looks Like in 2021

    Joining us in this week's weekly Workstream webinar is Hiring Specialist, Chris Horton. In this 30-minute live webinar, he will take you on a deep dive on working with integrated calendars and automated scheduling to reduce ghosting. Chris will also be sharing Burger King's hiring secrets of some of the franchisees use to simplify their hiring process.

    Read on for the full transcript:


    Overview of Burger King's Hiring Secrets 

    (00:35 - 03:46)

    • Burger King was able to simplify their hiring process by automatically and easily schedule applicants for interviews
    • The biggest challenge that Burger King face is the need for more applicants to go through their hiring process and they want to focus on in their franchisee group to improve the quality of applicants.
    • On average, they spend about $1,200 - $2,000 and a two-week training to hire and train one person. If the new hire quits or leaves in the first six months, they will incur a huge dent in their labor costs.
    • With that in mind, it is expensive to onboard, hire and train these new hires. Hence, it is important to ensure that they have the highest quality applicants from the start by screening them effectively.
    • GMs will also have to run interviews, schedule interviews, remind applicants about those interviews. That would cost about $20 - $30 per hour for a GM. There are tools that can automatically do these for much less than $20-$30 per hour.

    How Burger King Recruits with Workstream

    (04:46 - 06:19)

    • Workstream is a tool that franchisees like Burger King's use to source applicants from dozens of different places. We focus on giving hiring managers lots of different streams of applicants and doing it a way that applicants appreciate which usually is via text messaging.
    • As you create a position in Workstream, you will be able to choose where you want to post your job ads on job boards and social media.
    • You can also generate job posters that can be put up at every location.
    • A typical hiring process for franchisees would be to create a new position, or duplicate a position that they've already created for a new location. You can also copy a different group's process and they can choose any of the free integrated job boards to post their jobs onto.

    Using Text Messaging in Your Hiring Process

    (14:04 - 16:40)

    • As soon as any applicant applies for a job, the Workstream system sends a text to that applicant immediately and engages them with a simple message that could say hey our hiring manager is reviewing your application, please look forward to a call or a text from someone on our team.
    • It could also be a text that ask for a few more quick questions so that you can use these to further screen those applicants and ensure that you make the right hire.
    • Texting applicants is very important because an applicant usually applies to several different places at once. If you have a system where you can automatically text an applicant saying we've got your application, we're looking at it, we just have a few more questions or we want to schedule an interview, or whatever it might be doing it automatically for you, then it satisfies that instant gratification of the candidate not waiting hours or days or even weeks for a hiring manager to reach back out and spend their time setting up interviews etc.
    • After the applicant applies, our system automatically reaches out and ask for a few more questions for you and once they fill out that second piece of process, Burger King's manager goes in and reviews the candidates' profiles. If it looks good, they invite them to go on an on-site interview. 
    • All the stages of the hiring process is fully customizable and can be adjusted based on your business needs.

    Scheduling Interviews Automatically

    (20:50 - 22:57)

    • Many usually pay a GM $20-$30 an hour and have them be the ones to individually reach out to these candidates and schedule interviews. Even if the hiring manager works in a corporate office that reaches out, you're still paying them maybe $20-$40 an hour to do that. With Workstream, you can pay $100-$200 a month to do it for you.
    • As an applicant answers through the screening questions and finishes up the initial stages, the hiring manager just needs to click one button and invite the applicant to do an interview with them based on what the hiring manager's schedule is inside of Workstream.
    • Hiring managers, general managers, district managers can go in and sync their Google or Outlook calendars with Workstream and then add some time blocks for time that week or every week they can do interviews.
    • Everything is super customizable so you could schedule one-offs or every recurring week. You can also customize which locations and position you can hire for and when a candidate has the opportunity to schedule that interview, they just get to choose from one of these open times that the manager has created rather than doing phone tagging.
    • All you need to do is click a button and it sends a link to the candidate via email and text, they choose a timeslot, it's confirmed and they will get reminders and confirmation messages about that interview to reduce no-show rates.

    Contactless Hiring

    (26:02 - 29:36)

    • Depending on where you're at geographically, you could be wanting to push for more contactless interviews like Zoom interviews, more and more as winter is coming and with coronavirus in mind.
    • Workstream allows you to schedule online interviews instead of on-site interviews. Our system would automatically text the applicant and mention that this is a Zoom interview or a phone call interview, and provide a link for them to log on at the time that you've scheduled. 


    1. What are the top boards that they use to get candidates?

    • This isn't in order, but Indeed gets great traffic. That's usually the number one that we always recommend people to toggle on when they're using their Workstream account.
    • Facebook jobs is almost always number two as far as the applicant flow. Facebook jobs hasn't always been big and it's definitely a growing way to find applicants.
    • Google jobs is great too.
    • There is about a dozen of other job boards and we suggest just posting on to all of them because with Workstream, you don't have to go into those individual job boards, create accounts, post on those accounts. You can click once and have that automatically pushed onto those job boards and whenever an applicant comes through, no matter if it's on a job board or on one of those job posters, it'll show on Workstream and you can manage the process for all of your applicants in one place so very easy to manage and work on that side.
    • Job posters like our text-to-apply and QR codes also drive a lot of applicant flow because you have customers that love your brand, location, staff, and maybe want to be a part of that. We have job posters to say Burger King jobs or anything that you like. As they text as a happy customer or a friend or a family member text this number, they get an automatic response with a link to all of the jobs that you have available at that location.
    • QR codes allow them to take them straight on their phones. These days, both iPhone and Android both have QR code readers built straight into their cameras. You can hang the QR codes at your drive-throughs or by the cash register. As soon as someone walks in, they will be able to see the QR code, scan it and see all of your open positions there.
    • We also provide referral codes that you can blast out to current employees and it's all trackable in case you offer some incentive for your current employees to send that link and have their friends and family apply.
    • Careers page is another one. I've recently worked with Chicken Shack to set up their careers page through Workstream where if someone comes on to their website (a lot of people do when they're searching for jobs and they go to a brand's website), they'll click careers. You'll get to see the "apply online" button. As soon as you click on that button, you'll be able to see all the open positions that is sorted by geographical location. Based on my location, it's going to show the location closest to me. Everything on the career page is customized to your brand. 

    2. Do Facebook jobs give applicants the ability to apply on a mobile device?

    • Yes. When you post on Facebook jobs it shows up on the Facebook app or the Facebook website depending on if the applicant is on their phone or if they're on their desktop but yes it allows them to apply on their mobile device. As soon as they do apply, Workstream actually engages that applicant with a text message maybe asking them more questions or ask having them fill out some sort of survey or questionnaire so that we can further screen that applicant and that's fully customizable.

    3. When texting applicants, does the hiring manager's personal cell phone number show up?

    • It does not. When using Workstream, it's sent all from a Workstream phone number. We also have a mobile app so if that hiring manager needed to specifically reach out to the applicant and ask them a question or a one-off text that isn't automated, it's all going to come from a Workstream number so that the applicant isn't calling your GM on their personal phone at 11pm the next night.

    4. Any recommendations that have actual sample written electronic ads to get some ideas of successful ways of reaching Gen Z hourly team members more creatively than the same old tired ones that typically see on Indeed or Craigslist?

    • I think that goes back to the careers page. When I was 15 16 17 years old, when I was thinking about getting my first job, my first thought wasn't even necessarily to Indeed or Craigslist. Two years ago, I didn't even know Indeed existed. My first thought was to go on their social media sites or website and look for links or career pages. So using these career pages that are customizable for location that can show only the open positions that are for that location is super important. You can then post about it on social media. These Gen Z candidates would probably still go to your social media or website as a first thought as far as applying. It's all about having your open positions posted everywhere so Craigslist and Indeed are great but having a job poster up in the door of your restaurant that has a QR code that especially someone that's in that Gen Z range can go up and text, then that's huge because they love texting and they don't want to go and search for your job listing on Indeed. 

    5. Can you personalize the screening questions that you need?

    • 100% you can customize all questions, all stages, whatever you need. Some like to get into the nitty-gritty of where did you go to college, what's your highest level of education, what's your favorite hobby, can you work on holidays etc. You can add, take away or delete any of those questions. Workstream has a lot of templates for lots of different brands but you can adjust and change those templates as much as you want so your applicants are getting questions that are relevant for your location and your brand and the position even that you're hiring for.

    6. Do you have texting templates? What is the typical process to reach out by text? Can you show us some examples of actual ad copy that is effective in reaching out to a typical Gen Z applicants in the language and style that they respond to actual sample ads and proven ones?

    • Of course, so I'll go into some of my demo candidates, for example, Kelsey applied through our system and we automatically sent her a message that said we had a few more questions please click on the link below. So this is a pretty templatized text. What we usually do when we onboard someone with Workstream is we'll go in and have a hiring manager come up with a template that's a little bit more personal because that pushes that candidate to not only go through the screening stages quicker because they believe that someone else is actually on the other side and it's not just a computer but then also if a manager comes here and creates a template, uses their own voice makes that pretty personal then it's not me no showing a robot it's me no showing Kelsey. I'm not going to no-show someone that has put their name in this even though to me it seems like it's a personal message, it's really a template sent out by Workstream but it has that hiring manager's name and I'm much less likely to no show that hiring manager because I don't want to no-show John, I don't want to no-show Chris. i want to show up because he sent me this text reminding me about it. It's all customizable although we do use templates and we can use those where I usually suggest personalizing them at least a little bit. With regards to the samples, I will reach out to you via email after this with some actual examples.

    Want to learn more? Drop us an email at chris@workstream.is or contact us today!

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