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    Workstream | 4 min read

    CareerPlug vs Workstream ATS Comparison

    Workstream works with over 5,000 hiring managers to streamline their end-to-end hiring process from sourcing, screening to onboarding. We provide a comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS) that leverages on automation and text messaging to engage with applicants and reduce no-show rates.

    Many Workstream customers have switched over from CareerPlug due to the lack of customization to fit their business needs and consistent influx of applicants. In addition, the lack of customer service from CareerPlug is another key motivation for them to make the switch to Workstream. Let's dig deeper and find out why!

    Similar to Workstream, CareerPlug is an ATS that helps hiring managers source, screen and onboard hourly employees. So what makes Workstream any different from CareerPlug?

    Check out what people are saying online about what they love about Workstream in comparison to CareerPlug.

    Workstream vs Careerplug applicant tracking system features comparison table

    CareerPlug Reviews

    CareerPlug reviews from G2

    CareerPlug Organic Reviews from G2

    CareerPlug Review from G2 Cons 1CareerPlug Review from G2 Cons 2CareerPlug Review from G2 Cons 3CareerPlug Review from G2 Cons 4CareerPlug Review from G2 Cons 5

    Review source:

    Review source:



    Workstream Reviews

    Workstream Applicant Tracking System Reviews and Badges of Customer Satisfaction

    “Workstream is a top-notch company! Without Workstream’s automated platform, our recruiting team would be overwhelmed.  Envoy America receives 1500-3000 applications each month and Workstream’s automated messages and simple customized format make managing our huge volume possible, with minimum manpower. This format enables us to complete other important tasks associated with hiring. Our applicants comment on how organized we are and enjoy the immediate text and email responses that are due to the Workstream platform.  The Workstream staff has excellent customer service and is always willing to help solve problems.  They help us create custom templates which are specific to our company needs. Thank you Workstream!”

    - Sheri, Envoy America

    "Very easy platform to use for hiring, and I love how you can easily communicate with applicants rather than using personal emails or cell phones"

    - Clayton Fruhling, Chick-fil-A

    Workstream 5 Star Review for Applicant Tracking System on G2Workstream 5 Star Review for Applicant Tracking System on G2

    Review source:

    Customizable to Individual Business Needs

    Workstream is fully customizable for you to hire the right talent for the job. We provide you the ability to either customize your job descriptions, applicant flow, smart screening questions, offer and rejection letters. You also get the choice to use any of our specially curated templates that has been proven to bring in the top candidates for the job.

    Our support team is online 24/7 to address any of your questions and guide you towards creating your very own hiring process. 

    Automated Hiring

    Workstream is built with our customers in mind. We understand the challenges of being a hiring manager - having to go through piles of resumes, ensuring that you follow up with each and every candidate, and going through phone-tagging just to schedule interview.

    At Workstream, we automate all these processes for you. We help you save time through our smart screening where you can automatically disqualify applicants that do not meet the base requirements of your job. You can set up auto-reminders and follow-up messages so that you do not need to worry about not following up fast enough with applicants and losing them to other jobs.

    Here are some of Workstream users' favorite features:

    1. The Workstream Mobile App

    Workstream Mobile App Dashboard applicant tracking system

    2. Customizing Hiring Process with Screener Questions

    Workstream applicant tracking system customizable hiring stages

    3. Share Internal Feedback on Candidate with Team

    Workstream 2-way Texting Functionality on Applicant Tracking System

    4. View All Prospects and Current Employee Data, Forms, Feedback in the Dashboard

    Workstream Applicant Tracking System Desktop Dashboard

    Need help hiring the right people? Workstream can help. Our platform gets you 4x the number of qualified applicants and reduces your time-to-hire by 70%.

    Click here to schedule a demo.

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    Workstream is a hiring platform that helps employers get 4x the number of qualified applicants. The world's most trusted brands use Workstream to optimize job board postings, automate screening and interview scheduling, communicate via text message, and streamline the onboarding/training process. See what all the buzz is about by scheduling a demo or email us!

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