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    Restaurant Hiring | 8 min read

    Domino's Secret to Success in 2021 - Hiring Optimization with Workstream

    Over the past couple of months, franchise owners of Domino's locations have been utilizing Workstream to text and engage their candidates to move them through the hiring process at a much faster rate. In this industry, it is like a speedgame. If you don't reply to your good candidates fast, they may take up another offer elsewhere. With Workstream, Domino's operators no longer had to go through the tedious process of emails, but instead, utilize texting to engage candidates in real-time.

    In this webinar, we are going to take a peek behind how Domino's is really specializing and honing in their hiring process.


    One-stop Posting

    (01:28 - 01:47)

    • Workstream helps to automate all job postings to over a dozen job boards
    • Allows you to cast a wider net to get more diverse and unique ways of getting candidates in the door

    Contactless Hiring

    (01:48 - 02:34)

    • With the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have to shift towards contactless hiring
    • Workstream helped Domino's assess for culture fit so that operators do not need to spend time with the candidates that may not fit the profile
    • Able to utilize 30-second videos where candidates can upload an introduction of themselves and hiring managers can assess the candidates based on these videos to see if its a culture fit

    Onboarding with Workstream

    (02:35 - 03:22)

    • Keeping candidates off-site but allowing them to onboard virtually is critical in today's world
    • Able to sign onboarding documents - offer letters, W-4s, I-9s and employee handbook
    • Onboarding documents are centralized into Workstream and we can push to your HRIS system too

    WOTC Integration

    (03:23 - 03:50)

    • Able to claim up to $9,600 in tax credit depending on the type of candidate you hire

    Workstream Demo - Domino's Account

    (03:51 - 22:58)

    • Dashboard and schedule that provides an overview on hiring progress - what happened the previous week, new hires, new job postings etc
    • Able to add different locations within the same account for multi-unit owners, also able to filter by departments such as front house and back house
    • For Domino's, we can pre-populate these roles in this entire process for you so that you don't have to rethink the process, messaging etc
    • Able to export information, create new roles simply by duplicating the position
    • Workstream helps to automatically post Domino's job listings onto job boards that we are integrated to or if you and if they come to your own website that you have, we can also help to post the jobs there and go through the same hiring experience
    • Workstream focuses on the texting experience in hiring - once a candidate submits an application, they would get a text immediately and it basically says "Hey great news we moved you to the next stage of the application process"
    • Candidates will then be prompted to follow a link that will bring them through a handful of different questions that you set up as a filter questions - this is fully customizable
    • You can also choose to ask candidates to upload a 30-second video introduction of themselves
    • To prevent ghosting in interviews or they forget to proceed through the application process, Workstream basically builds some automation rules that say if the candidate hasn't responded within one day or haven't filled this information out, we'll automatically send them a text message to remind them to come back in and continue with the application process. You are also able to set automated interview reminders to go out to applicants
    • We've also added automatic rejection so if they've either been in the first stage for 30 days, we'll automatically reject them for you - again, this is fully customizable to however many days you want
    • You can also add smart questions at the start so if they can't work legally within the US or they don't have one year of management experience, then we will automatically reject those candidates - you can also set this up to send them a notification or not and you can continue to screen these applicants if you like
    • Workstream also allows you to customize automated messages so it can be specific to your store, role, business etc
    • All candidates can be added into the hiring pool where hiring managers can review candidates quickly - you can see how many days a candidate was in a certain stage and how each candidate answered all the screening questions etc
    • Able to communicate with candidate in real-time via texting
    • When there are multiple steps in the hiring process, you are able to get the different interviewers to leave feedback on a candidate so that it is visible to all that is involved in the hiring through the Workstream platform
    • Upon moving a candidate to the next stage of the hiring process, they will receive a text message that automatically allows them to schedule their interview - you can sync your calendar with Workstream so it updates automatically
    • Offer letters can also be sent via text message and can be signed right there with their finger
    • We're integrated with over 25,000 different job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Google, ZipRecruiter etc and you have the option to do sponsored postings as well
    • Domino's often make use of the share links where their current employees can blast out on social media or share with their friends on new job postings where these new applicants can text a phone number just to apply for the job quickly
    • You can also send a text message to all your current employees and collect applications in that way as well, or you can re-engage those candidates that perhaps left the job for a couple of months to head back to school and may be interested in applying for the job during their holidays again - Domino's is able to use this as an efficient way to be proactive in sourcing and engaging candidates on a consistent basis
    • Workstream provides analytics where you can see which stores are generally hiring better or which job boards are doing better so that you can spend more budget on what's working 
    • As a multi-unit franchise, you will also have the ability to break down administrative permissions so that the hiring managers can only see the hiring process for their location
    • If you do conduct background checks, we are also integrated with Checkr
    • You can also claim up to $9,600 in tax credits with our WOTC integration


    1. Do you help Domino's hire delivery drivers or just store employees?

    • We do we help delivery drivers that's obviously the past six months has become really high demand and so as you can imagine from the candidate experience the delivery drivers these people are often in their cars, they're applying from their cellphone, they're on their job driving for someone else typically but maybe they're looking for a new opportunity and the speed to candidate what we found is so critical because they are there in real time getting a text message and proceeding through the application communicating with hiring managers all while they've just applied on their phone. So that's a really really popular that we're helping Domino's and other brands hire delivery drivers right now.

    2. Does Workstream integrate with free job boards?".

    • We do. We integrate with over a dozen. I think I showed those a little bit earlier. We also have sponsored jobs if you want to get more niche but typically what we find is franchise owners use this similar three or four different job boards and they can get some pretty good coverage that way.

    3. As an owner can I monitor the text messages sent between managers and job applicants?

    • That's a great question. This does come up once in a while so let me real quick let me share this. So as an owner or a district manager you're going to have full visibility into all the communication between hiring managers district managers and candidates. As multi-unit owners continuous scale this becomes more and more common as they're really concerned about driving brand consistency through the candidate experience because are these people your candidates they're your customers but as I click into these roles I can see I can see have full visibility into the communication that's going on between the hiring manager and the candidate right here so this is something that comes up fairly often it's just helping drive brand consistency through this process. 

    4. Can Workstream set up my job postings text messages and calendars or do I need to learn how to use your platform?

    • Great question so we will help facilitate all of this process in fact with Domino's specifically we already have a lot of the roles that you're hiring for we have the process we have the templates it's all done. We've worked with enough owners that we've really refined this process for you so we can automatically populate all the job racks the process the documents that you're looking for and if there's some if there's anything unique to your business we have a customer success team that they're responsible for helping facilitate any of that and a lot of times with one or two calls we can get a lot of stuff set up and uploaded for you. 

    5. Does Domino's use this to hire CDL A trucker?

    • That's a great question. I don't know the answer that specifically my experience personally has been working with individual unit owners, feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to take on that a little bit more and that kind of answers 

    6. How do I talk to someone at Workstream?

    • So a couple different ways but my personal information is you can email me at blake@workstream.is or if you come here to our website, I should share my screen. If you come here to our website you can come up here to contact us and there's some you can fill up your information here otherwise this is my information and my phone number and if you feel free to text me or call me anytime, I'll be happy to continue answering these questions. I'll pause for a minute if there's any other questions here. 

    7. Is the Domino's settings proprietary or can we piggyback and not have to reinvent the wheel?

    • This question happens often with franchise brands. Nothing is proprietary in here, we've gotten approval to allow to help other business owners to replicate this so we've designed this specifically for Domino's owners and this will allow you to come in here and have your jobs the hiring process pre-populated and we can work on really just fine-tuning it to your business specifically but yes this is you don't have to reinvent the wheel there's very little friction in getting Workstream set up and helping and hire the same way that a lot of other Domino's owners are hiring. 

    8. Do I pay per text message Do I pay per text message I send the applicants?

    • You do not. This is unlimited texting so if you need to go text 10,000 applicants, that gives you this gives you the full freedom to be able to do that you do not have to pay per text message. 

    Want to learn more about Workstream? Contact us today!

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