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    HR Resources | 10 min read

    How to Create an Employee Referral Program and Dedicated Careers Pages

    Finding qualified applicants is more difficult than ever. The best applicants don’t come from online job boards or ads. They’re already loyal customers, or friends of current employees. That’s why it’s essential you have a dedicated careers page with descriptions of current job openings. In this week's weekly webinar, we’ll take you through how to build your own careers page with Workstream. You’ll also get a look into how companies like Chick-fil-A and Domino’s use referral programs to find the best candidates.

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    Table of Contents:

    1. Background of Workstream
    2. Creating a Custom Careers Page with Workstream
    3. Workstream Product Demo

    Background of Workstream

    (00:00 - 01:51)

    Lydia: Hey guys and welcome to Workstream's webinar. Today we're covering how to build a custom careers page and referral program. So a little bit of background about what Workstream is, Workstream is a way to source for job applicants. We really focus on the hourly employee space and we provide all of our customers with a custom careers page that they can just plug in right into their website. We also have a referral program which makes it really easy to have your current employees refer other candidates and this is key because we find those people stay the longest they're the happiest. We're trying to help you not just find great people but also reduce turnover. As far as the types of companies that Workstream works with, it's a huge wide variety - we work with sports teams such as the South Bend Cubs, they have a lot of issues with the seasonal hiring where they're only there for a short period of time so they need to bring people back. It's really important that they build their own applicant pool to do that. They're trying to retain people from year to year, so what we do is we make sure that all people who came in, they're able to get again, we've helped them reduce hiring time and we help them get 80 employee referrals per year and a big part of this is they want to have South Bend Cubs fans who are already on the website be able to see the careers - those are their best customers. It's all very important to build your custom careers page. The other types of companies we work with a lot are quick service restaurants Jamba is a huge one for us, we serve 228 locations that serve you. So one of the things that we do is we help them send text messages to applicants we've helped them get 151,000 applicants per year and each of their locations save about 10.5 hours per week on hiring since they've switched to Workstream.

    Creating a Custom Careers Page with Workstream

    (01:52 - 07:50)

    Lydia: This is Jamba's custom careers page. You can see they have the customized background, you can see in the upper right the locations that are closest to you so when an applicant comes in, they're going to see okay here's the team member position that's 18 miles away from me. This is really important because if you have 228 locations like Jamba does and you have 381 positions you want to make sure that they're going and seeing the thing that's most relevant to them. Another company we serve Cinnabon so one group is 48 locations we've sent 28 000 text messages to applicants on their behalf and sourced 18 000 applicants in 2019. Again we save an average of 10.3 hours per week per location this is just like all self-reported to us from our feedback forms and what Cinnabon's page looks like. Again, its like the custom background, you can see it's very on brand so you would never know that this website and the custom careers page was built on a platform like Workstream. You would think that they actually went in and custom coded everything themselves. So let's dig in a little bit deeper about what Cinnabon looks like. Zooming in on the their careers page here, one of the things that we offer at Workstream is you can search by job title location and you can see exactly how close you are on the map. This is really important to applicants because they want to make sure that it's within commuting distance to them, preferably walking distance. In a lot of cities they're looking for something that's very close and they have a lot of places to choose from when it comes to the quick service restaurants. For Jamba, you can see when you have a group that has 381 jobs open, here's just one franchise group with 95 locations, you're going to see the clusters and be able to zoom in on the map. It's a Google map, it's really easy to for them to show all locations that are part of this one franchise group. You can see all of them and click into them to see if they're hiring. So if I want to see if the Walnut Creek location that I'm a big fan of hiring, I can see they have four open positions - assistant manager, shift lead, team members and then when I'm on the careers page, I can literally just go and click into it and I can share it with friends and say hey come work with me in Walnut Creek. I can read it and I can say this looks right up my alley, I want to apply, and Workstream makes it really easy for them to apply on the website. You can just fill in your first name, last name, email, phone number, optional resume, I mean assistant manager you probably want a resume, but maybe for some of the team members where you're hiring, people who don't have a resume yet, you don't need to require it. These are all customizable on your careers page what questions you want to ask about availability questions like do you have reliable transportation is really important, making sure that they are the at least the right age and they're legally able to work. Having as few of these as possible reduces friction and then what we'll do is as soon as they apply, if you have additional questions such as on these days you're able to work these hour shifts or if you want to collect additional information such as asking them to upload a 30-second video introducing themselves, all of that is sent via text message after so we make sure that we capture the first group of information on the website and it's all mobile optimized. This also looks really good on their phones. Another company that works with Workstream for its custom careers page is A&W restaurants, fast casual restaurants. Like all the custom branding, its really easy to apply on the website, see all the locations. Chicken Shack is another one, you've probably seen a lot of people's websites and didn't realize that it was Workstream behind the scenes because of that easy ability to customize and put it on brand and the way that we plug into companies websites they already have. If you don't you can build one on Wix or Square, we can make recommendations for that and then you just tell us okay we want to link onto the footer or if you need to hire a lot, some people will even add it into the top menu and so you're just linked right here and then it just shoots over to that Workstream page that stays totally on brand and shows you all of the openings that you want to do. So now you know for a little bit more behind the scenes action, I want to hop over to demo time and take you behind the scenes and show you what it means for hiring to organize itself and how you're building out what it is that's on the other side of it, like how you're customizing the questions and choosing where your careers page appears. 

    Workstream Product Demo

    (07:51 - 16:12)

    Chris: Awesome so I'm going to go ahead and put in the chat just a link to apply to my demo account so that you can get a good idea of what it's like to be a candidate and then on my end, I'll just share my screen and allow you to see what it looks like on the manager side of things. So hop into my Workstream dashboard where I initially just get a good overview of what's happening for my locations, how many new applicants new hires, my to-do's for all of that. One of the first things that you're going to do when creating a careers page, you're obviously going to want to create the open positions that you have for your specific locations your offices whatever they might be. So first off when you're coming in and editing that position, you're coming in putting your job description, putting in your requirements, benefits anything that really is going to help that candidate understand what's required and what's going to be offered from you. There's a lot of different stages we keep typically that first online application pretty basic, we don't want people to get caught up in 20 questions right off the bat and not be able to focus on being a part of the hiring process, being a part of the communication between the restaurant or the business and that applicant. So here's where you can just basically go in and customize all of your different questions, you can set up smart screening questions like do you have reliable transportation? And if the answer is no, it can automatically reject that candidate and save you hours and hours of time of these candidates that don't have reliable transportation, they're not legally eligible to to work in the U.S, they don't have the experience that you need from them and so those questions, this ability to customize it just saves you tons of time. There are also different stages that you're able to create and customize. You can add new stages, take away stages, rearrange all of it super easily so that when someone does go to apply whether that's on your website or through a text or a QR code or even through one of the thousands of job boards that we do integrate with, it allows you to customize each and every stage of what's going to be communicated to that applicant. If you're a quick service restaurant and you need to understand a little bit more of what their schedule might be like, you can create a certain stage that asks them a few questions about their exact schedule and what they would expect as far as their hours and things along those lines. There's a lot of automation that can be built into it, you can obviously customize all of your messaging, all of the rules as far as reminding these candidates about maybe some questions that you still need to have them fill out or go from that point. So as a hiring manager, we want to give you just a very easy spot to see where all of your applicants are coming from whether they do apply on your careers page or they apply on Indeed or ZipRecruiter or any of those job boards or if they text in because they saw a text-to-apply poster. It funnels all of those applicants into one place for you to see and manage without having to log into multiple platforms. So it's an all-in-one platform where you can filter all of these candidates depending on what you want to be seeing at that time so as you're moving candidates from one stage to the next, you can be getting updates and you can set up different alerts and notifications for your hiring managers so that they can best understand when to move someone from one stage to the next. So as you're moving people into different stages, we want to make sure that these hiring managers are going in customizing each and every one of these but also making sure that their calendar and their schedule are syncing with Workstream because as a candidate, if I'm invited to schedule an interview, it's hard for me to go through that headache of well I have this time and I don't have this time this is when I'm available versus if a manager can simply just send over a link that has all of their available times for the next week or two that way these candidates can choose from the time that they have available as well and then it's automatically put onto their calendar and then on to the hiring manager's calendar for them to understand okay it's going to be this date this time is it confirmed. Our system can be set up to automatically remind those candidates about the interview that they've scheduled so that we can reduce no shows on top of that. So a lot of them automation built into it so that you don't have to fight that battle of ghosting or no shows or anything like that and any of the tedious work of reaching out calling and playing phone tag with these candidates can save hours and hours every week not having to do that. So that's kind of the overall view of Workstream from the view of a hiring manager and as you can see, it's a pretty easy process. You see applicants go from that online application stage to scheduling an interview in a matter of hours and being able to make that process very very quick and especially in the QSR space where there are several dozens of different opportunities for them to apply to. It's important for you to be the first to reach back out and with a system like Workstream where you can do that automatically and not have to worry too much about candidates sitting there waiting for a hiring manager manager to reach back out. 

    Lydia: Just to give you know people a better sense of how it connects to the websites, as soon as you update anything here, it's going to update what goes on to the website so you don't need to do any custom coding or anything, it's just you're in your dashboard here and then it changes what appears on your careers page. If anyone has any questions and would like to see your own careers page as a demo for that, you can get a hold of Chris, chris@workstream.is and we'll be able to set you up with your own demo of this. I'm lydia@workstream.is, you can also if you go onto the website workstream.us we have plenty more resources and ultimate guides to hiring so definitely check it out and you'll be able to see all of the inaction, we work with Chick-fil-A as you saw from the demo. We were with Uber, 7-eleven, pretty much everyone who's hiring for hourly workers. We work with business owners and operators there so you can see how that works and also just how the automated text message flow works but thank you guys so much for tuning in.

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