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    Comparisons | 6 min read

    HigherMe vs Workstream - Applicant Tracking System Comparison

    HigherMe and Workstream are both applicant tracking systems (ATS) that focus on providing fast and efficient hiring solutions for hiring managers. Both platforms help to source, screen and onboard hourly employees, enabling them to cut their clients’ time-to-hire substantially. 

    You might have noticed that both of these platforms provide very similar solutions. And now you're left wondering which of them will best meet the needs of your business. Well, that is why we have summarized their available features so that you are able to identify the products which are more essential for your company.

    The features are broken down into four key areas below, (1) the Job Application Process, (2) Initial Screening Process, (3) Interview Scheduling and (4) Other Features.

    Job Application Process

    workstream vs higherme job application process

    Text-To-Apply Posters

    The obvious good thing about Workstream and HigherMe is that both are mobile-friendly. We understand that 70% of job seekers will usually apply for jobs through their smartphones. With the text-to-apply feature, it will be easier for applicants to apply for a job, increasing the convenience for job seekers.

    In addition to the text-to-apply feature, Workstream also provides a QR code that opens a link to all available positions, further expediting the application process. 

    QCandidates TextApply  v01


    While HigherMe targets industries that require hourly workers, Workstream focuses specifically on the restaurant industry. This includes single-unit restaurants to multi-unit franchises. We understand how important it is for hiring managers to hire hourly workers fast due to the high turnover rates in this sector of employees. As such, our highly customizable software caters specifically to the hourly workforce which requires constant and fast recruitment of workers. 

    Job Board Integrations

    Both of the platforms are integrated with different job boards available in the market. However, Workstream does have a clear advantage in this respect. With 25,000 job boards under our belt, we are able to reach out to more potential quality candidates in just a single click, as compared to just 4 with HigherMe.

    QCandidates JobBoards v01

    Initial Screening Process

    workstream vs higherme initial screening process

    Smart Screening

    Both Workstream and HigherMe use smart screening to pick out the most suitable candidates based on the qualities you are looking for in your hourly workers. This allows your hiring managers to save precious time as they no longer have to go through the resumes of every applicant. However, there is a slight variation in the smart screening feature of each platform.

    HigherMe uses a Smart FitScore algorithm which assesses how suitable a candidate is by comparing their experience to the job prerequisites, their distance from the job location and their availability. The algorithm will then give each candidate a score of zero to 100 so that hiring managers can see the best candidates without reading their resumes.

    On the other hand, Workstream allows you to customize your own screening questions in addition to what HigherMe has to offer. With this added feature, you are not limited to the requirements set by the platform but also allowed to set your own criteria based on the job openings. If the candidate is deemed unfit for the position based on their responses, they will be automatically rejected for the position they applied for.

    Video Resumes

    Before selecting your candidates, you may request candidates to submit a short video to introduce themselves as part of the application process. With this, you are able to ascertain who is really interested in a position and whether their personality is a right fit for the job.

    Contactless Request v02

    Interview Scheduling

    workstream vs higherme interview scheduling

    Integrated Calendar

    An added advantage of using Workstream will be the convenience of having your calendar integrated into your workflow. Qualified candidates will have access to your calendar and are able to choose their interview dates based on your availability. This reduces the back and forth that is usually required when setting up an interview date via traditional methods.

    Contactless Scheduling v02

    Automated Reminders

    Both Workstream and HigherMe have automated reminders that are sent to the candidates before their scheduled interview to reduce ghosting. For HigherMe, the messages are sent a day before the interview. With Workstream, you can choose when you would like to have the reminder sent out, be it a day or even just a few hours before. 

    Scheduling SMSRemind v01

    2-Way Texting

    Additionally, Workstream provides 2-way texting to make the process of rescheduling easier for both applicants and hiring managers. By making it more convenient to reschedule, we reduce the likelihood of a candidate ghosting merely because they find it a hassle to rearrange their interview slot. Concerned about whose number the candidates will be texting? Don’t fret. We will be providing you with a contact number so you need not worry about having your personal contact number being circulated around. 

    Other Features

    workstream vs higherme other factors

    Data-Driven Analytics

    Workstream and HigherMe analyze data from the job boards they are integrated with so that you know where most of your quality candidates are coming from. This allows you to identify job boards that are more efficient in bringing you long-term hires. While doing so, you are able to reduce spending in other areas that do not provide as much returns.

    Tracking Analytics v01

    Paperless Onboarding 

    As soon as candidates are hired into your company, Workstream and HigherMe will send an automated text to them which contains relevant documents necessary for their onboarding (e.g. policy documents, I-9, W-4 and more). Alerts will also be sent to ensure that the paperwork is complete. 

    By going paperless for the onboarding of new hires, you will be able to reduce the tedious work of sifting through paperwork. This has also been proven to save substantial time for their existing clients.

    Mobile Training

    In addition to paperless onboarding, Workstream takes a step further to include mobile training for your new hires. With us, you are able to send handbooks, checklists and training videos through a text message before your employees start their first day of work. SMS reminders are also sent to ensure they complete their mobile training.

    Contactless Onboarding  v02

    Dedicated Hiring Specialist

    Upon registration with Workstream, you will be assigned a dedicated hiring specialist who will guide you through the setting up of your hiring workflow. Our support team is also available 24/7 to address any of your questions while you create your very own hiring process.

    Customized Workflow

    We understand that different jobs may require a different set of hiring processes. That is why we allow you to set up your own workflow. With this, you can determine the number of stages and send automated messages whenever an applicant progresses to the next stage.

    Online Reviews

    Curious what existing users have to say about both platforms? We have gathered some online reviews on what users think about Workstream and HigherMe below.

    HigherMe Reviews

    higherme review

    higherme ats review

    ats hireme review

    Workstream Reviews

    workstream hiring ats review

    workstream review-2

    workstream hiring review

    If you are convinced that Workstream is the hiring platform for you, schedule a free demo with us! We can help you get 4x the number of qualified applicants and reduce your time-to-hire by 70%. Join the growing number of hiring managers we have assisted today!

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    Workstream is a hiring platform that helps employers get 4x the number of qualified applicants. The world's most trusted brands use Workstream to optimize job board postings, automate screening and interview scheduling, communicate via text message, and streamline the onboarding/training process. See what all the buzz is about by scheduling a demo or email us!

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