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    Jamba's Hiring Strategies: Watch the Recorded Webinar

    Steven Maltz, COO of M5 Partners Inc dba Jamba Juice, came to Workstream and helped us co-design by sharing the challenges he saw while hiring. He mentioned that finding the right talent in the right market is a global problem. A lot of franchisees find it hard to know who is out there looking for hourly work and how to capture them. 

    Workstream was designed to help these franchisees to cast a wide net into the network of the entire talent pool in their area and move these applicants through a customized hiring process of their choice. This process is largely built on texting.

    In this webinar, we share about how Jamba was able to leverage on the various features that Workstream offers to solve the hiring challenge they face.

    Workstream Demo - General Dashboard

    (1:50 - 2:03)

    • Out platform helps someone like Steven to manage his network, view positions by location, see the ‘pulse’ and get a feel of the number of applications a day.
    • He's able to get oversight to each stage of the hiring process through Workstream.

    Workstream Demo - Job Board

    (2:04 - 4:30)

    • Important to cast a wide net.
    • Workstream has been able to partner with all the major job boards – Indeed, Google, Facebook, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor and others.
    • Workstream allows you to simply log in and blast your job description to all the job boards in your area at once.
    • You will be live on the different job boards within a few hours.
    • Your mileage will vary depending on the market you’re in.
    • Workstream also allows you to post and set your budget for sponsored job postings.
    • Workstream has its own Smart Sponsorship function which utilises artificial intelligence to maximize the number of applicants you can reach out to.
    • This is achieved through looking at data analytics to see which post timings and job boards received the greatest number of applicants and posting your job openings accordingly.

    Workstream Demo - Customized Hiring Stages

    (4:31 - 6:36)

    • Workstream allows you to customize the hiring stages which applicants go through.
    • We help you save time by preventing applicants who don’t meet certain pre-requisites from going on to the next stage of the hiring process. For example, you can customize the hiring process to only allow those who are 16 years-old or have a resume attached to move to the next stage.
    • When applicants apply, they don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a chat bot. When Jamba was co-designing the hiring stages, they wanted to incorporate the human element by customizing the hiring process such that each applicant receives a message upon applying to thank them for their interest in the job.
    • The customizability of Workstream also prevents stalling by sending out automated messages to nudge applicants to complete the hiring stage they are currently on.
    • Hiring managers can customize the amount of time that will pass after an applicant has completed each stage before an automated nudge message is sent that applicant.

    Workstream Demo - Additional Info Stage

    (6:37 - 7:42)

    • This allows you to collect secondary information such as level of education and when the candidate is available to start work.
    • Workstream also has a file upload tool that allows hiring managers to request applicants to upload files of a variety of formats including video introductions and PDFs.

    Workstream Demo - Availability Stage

    (7:43 - 8:05)

    • This stage allows hiring managers to ask applicants questions regarding available time slots.
    • These can help to determine if a candidate is available to do shifts.

    Workstream Demo - Onsite Interview Stage

    (8:06 - 9:40)

    • Workstream has a highly customizable integrated calendar feature.
    • Some of the customizable settings include interview time slots, the frequency of interviews, and number of people per interview session if you do group interviews.
    • Once applicants reach this stage, they can view the hiring manager’s availability to book a slot, and both the applicant and the hiring manager will get a calendar invite.
    • An automated message will be sent to the applicant once the interview slot has been confirmed by both parties.

    Workstream Demo - Text-to-Apply

    (10:16 - 11:00)

    • Applicants can either text a number directly or scan a QR code on their phones to start the application process.


    1. Inquiry on paperless on-boarding
      • Workstream supports paperless on-boarding which helps hiring managers save a lot of time. Hiring managers can add other stages such as an online signing stage and a background check stage. You can upload all the necessary forms new hires need to sign (e.g. I-9 Form) onto Workstream as well. Other documents include the employee handbook. All onboarding documents can be digitized and uploaded so that employees can sign or read them before they start work.
    2. Inquiry on Digital Signatures
      • Digital signatures are legal and supported by Workstream as well. Offer letters can be created and customized within the software and are legally binding.
    3. Can I print out peoples’ paperwork for filing?
      • You can even customize this process as seen in the screenshot below.
        Screenshot 2020-02-23 at 11.19.13 PM
    4. What are the best free job boards to post on?
      • This is a question where your mileage will vary. For example, in Los Angeles, people are having to double down on sponsor ads. But Workstream supports free access to Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook and Google, many brands will look at the data analytics to see which job board has the most traffic. We’d recommend you post on all job boards and use a couple of weeks to gather data.
    5. Are there limits to how many applicants you can get?
      • No.
    6. Inquiry on calendar integration.
      • Workstream allows for calendar integration. Our built-in calendar is easy to use and highly customizable. You can choose how often a week you want to conduct interviews, the assigned interviewer, the role and location. This built-in calendar can also be integrated with Google calendar and Outlook so that applicants can see your availability in real time.
    7. My managers hire for just one location each. Can I set this up so that they can see their specific location?
      • At a company level, you have a setting called “Manage Users” where you can view those in the organization who have access to Workstream. You can also add new users into the platform and edit the type of access they have. For example, you can select the locations to which a specific manager can have access to the hiring data.
    8. Can I comment/share feedback on interviewees on Workstream?
      • Yes, you can. In the past, Steven and his team left post-it notes around and phone calls were lost. With Workstream, you have mobile access to the candidates and will be able to leave comments on candidate applications to let other managers view.
    9. Inquiry on privacy of phone number?
      • The phone number that the applicant see belongs to us. They’ll never see your personal number. The number the applicant sees is the number on the text-to-apply poster.

    If you have ideas for future webinars, please email - we'd love to hear from you!

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    Adam Luther

    Adam is an Account Executive of Workstream that is based in Los Angeles. Feel free to reach out if you would like to explore how Workstream could help you in your hiring process.

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