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    Save Time With Workstream's New Features

    State tax withholding forms for employee onboarding

    When new employees begin work, they have to fill out Form W-4 for federal tax withholding, but many states also have a tax withholding form as well. These state forms are now a standard feature in Workstream's onboarding product. This "smart" module doesn't require any configuration - it will look at where the new employee is working and send them the correct state's form to fill out.

    Workstream US state tax form

    Manage applicant tags

    Applicant tags are a good way to keep your applicants organized and other team members informed. With the new tag management feature, existing tags can now be modified or deleted to keep your account tidy and up-to-date.

    merge tags workstream

    Add managers to your new locations in a couple clicks

    Set up new locations even faster with an improved flow to add and assign new users. When you first view your new locations, you will be able to quickly add new user accounts, or easily select from existing users. No more digging into account settings and selecting users one by one - set up your locations now with just a few clicks.

    workstream interviewee

    Save time by re-using rejection templates

    Instead of creating new rejection templates for similar positions, you can now create a single rejection template, and use it across the board for any of your positions. This creates more consistency in representing your brand across all of your stores.

    workstream rejection template

    We'd love to hear from you! If you have any other suggestions or questions, simply drop us a line or check out our help center.

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    Robert Attorri

    Currently a product manager at Workstream, working on bring power and usability to the hiring process for deskless and hourly workers.

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