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"From sourcing, screening to on-boarding, Workstream has it all!"

- Amir Hosseini, Co-Founder of Curry Up Now
Increase in applications
Reduction in hiring time

About Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now is known for taking traditional Indian offerings and presenting them in a way that is accessible and approachable for the American consumer. Indian staples such as tikka masala and naan are transformed into Mission-style burritos (a San Francisco signature), poutine and flatbread pizzas - formats that are known and loved in the U.S., but largely unseen in traditional Indian cuisine.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Industry: Food & Beverages


Established in 2009, Curry Up Now strives to deliver their food that is authentic in taste and flavor at its core. They have managed to take traditional Indian flavors and present them in a friendly and recognizable format.

Curry Up Now has been named as one of Zagat's "5 Hottest Fast-Casual Chains", "SF's Best Indian Restaurants" by EATER SF, and "100 Things To Eat Before You Die" by 7x7.

Today, Curry Up Now are in 7 different locations and are currently having plans to expand further. As such, Curry Up Now is looking to optimize their hiring processes to keep up with its expansion plans.

Business Challenge

In light of their upcoming expansion plans, Curry Up Now sees the need to cater more time into business planning and away from essential, yet time-consuming tasks like hiring. There was also a need to start hiring more blue-collar workers to support daily operations across their various outlets. Yet, qualified applicants were not seen applying for these openings . As such, Curry Up Now has to spend extra time to hire and train their employees to ensure that the quality of their work is up to standard. Still, the biggest pain point for Curry Up Now is that every step of hiring is manual and this could have been minimized if there was a single platform that can automate the entire hiring and on-boarding process.

Still, the biggest pain point for Curry Up Now is that every step of hiring is manual.

Curry Up Now adopted the use of Workstream to help tackle the problems of hiring. With Workstream, Curry Up Now has managed to increase their application rate by 200% and save 150% time on the initially time-consuming hiring process. This has greatly help support their day-to-day operations across 7 retail locations.

Workstream has managed to effectively optimized the hiring process for Curry Up Now and hence, they are now able to spend this time focusing on their business expansion.


Features Used


Streamlined HR process

With Workstream's automation, Curry Up Now is able to have a streamlined HR process with the hiring, onboarding and training all on a single platform.


Tracking analytics

Workstream supports analytics tracking where data and status updates of each applicant are clearly displayed. A detailed analysis would also be shown for Curry Up Now to understand which job portal brings in the most number of applicants.


Video training

For increased efficiency, Workstream provides Curry Up Now with the function to upload videos of their training process such that selected applicants would be equipped with the necessary training before their first day.


"From sourcing, screening to onboarding, Workstream has it all!"
Amir Hosseini
Co-Founder of Curry Up Now

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