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“I am very impressed with the ease of use and responsiveness of your team that I have found while working with Workstream. Once set up, all I have to do is click a button to turn the job posting on and I can manage everything from my phone, if I am not at my computer”

Sara GilBride, Owner of Dream Dinners


Dream Dinners

Dream Dinners has grown steadily since it was launched in 2002 - along with their expansion came the need for a more automated hiring process. Having to drive to and from numerous locations over extensive commercial areas was taking a toll on their hiring staff. This led their Regional Manager and HR Director, Penny Bowers, to seek out resources for an effective solution. 

Working hand in hand with Workstream, Dream Dinners has realized a significant change in their numbers - they have seen a 70% decrease in hours spent on the screening process. So how did they do it? 

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Labor-intensive Hiring

Dream Dinners felt the need to streamline their hiring process since their business is currently spread over 22 states, with several cities boasting of multiple branches. 

Penny shares that while she was at first reluctant to try out a new platform, she was impressed by the Workstream team during the initial demo and subsequent discussions where they touched on the growing pains that Dream Dinners was experiencing. Throughout the entire conversation, the Workstream team would stop when needed and zero in on areas of interest to the company, ensuring that each issue would be addressed. 

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Automated Recruitment

Working together, they were able to identify what was needed and Workstream was able to provide long-term solutions:

  • An automated system that would allow postings for different locations
  • In-system 2-way texting between applicants and Dream Dinners hiring manager
  • A way for candidates to schedule their own interviews for utmost convenience
  • App dashboard (accessible even via mobile) that enables monitoring over every aspect of the hiring process, including an applicant tracking system 

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Penny also loved that with Workstream, new hire paperwork could be filled out online and signed digitally. This helped to cut back on hours spent collating documents and onboarding staff and eliminated the need to submit documents in person.

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Reduced Time to Hire

Since using Workstream, Dream Dinners has noticed a drastic improvement in their hiring. The numbers tell a success story:

  • 67% decrease in applicant no-shows
  • 100% spike in the number of qualified applicants
  • A marked drop in hours spent posting jobs and screening applicants per week (from 10hrs to 3hrs)

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To wrap it up: Though initially hesitant to step out of their comfort zone, Penny and the Dream Dinners team were won over by Workstream’s intuitiveness, budget-friendly pricing, and stellar customer service. It only goes to show that for every set of problems, there’s a corresponding solution - and trying something new can pay off exponentially.

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