NVA Webinar

Hosted by Kim Blondell (General Manager at NVA) Angel You and Lydia Fayal Hall

Angel: We're very happy to partner with Uptown Hounds on your hiring and we're always going to be here to support you if you have any questions. Kim has done a lot of the groundwork - she has created these positions, came up and brainstormed with the best screening questions and that has led her to really great success with using Workstream and just saving tons of time on hiring, and making that whole process streamlined. We wanted to share that with all of you guys that are attending here today. So without further ado let us show you guys your new hiring best friend here. I'm going to let Kim takeover with sharing a little bit about her experience with Workstream so far.

Why NVA Chose Workstream?

(01:06 - 08:59)

Kim: Thanks Angel! Basically, when we were all going through some of our COVID struggles, we had furloughed employees. But as soon as we were starting to recover a little bit, the first thing that happened in my resort, and I'm sure a lot of your resorts, was now we have vacancies that we have to fill and we have to fill them pretty quick. I'm sure we have a lot of people in the workforce that are working, or they're looking for jobs and so how do we try to capture those people that are most qualified looking for a job as quickly as possible? John Hopkins asked me to look at Workstream because a couple of the other resorts had used that. It was a little bit of bad timing because we were just starting to use it when COVID hit us at the hardest but working with Angel, we were able to get some general templates put together for pet services, for reception, and for grooming. I had a need to hire in pet services and reception pretty quickly and we worked very hard, got some screening questions together and basically my case study showed that I was able to really get the job posted. I had applicants coming in within 24 hours and through that we were able to get our first interview within three days because of the way that we have the automation set up which is something that Workstream does wonderfully. Workstream allows the qualified candidates to move from the start of an application to scheduling their own interview within a short amount of time and from that point that we also were able to get a new hire in place within 10 days for their first day of work. So it has been working great. I've hired four or five but with the interviews that took place I was able to convert about 40% of the candidates to get there.

Angel: Yay thanks Kim I appreciate it! What are some of the things that you really liked about Workstream?

Kim: One of the things I found first and foremost was it's very easy to use. It can be complex but once you go through the first posting, you get to the flow of events and how the stages work to your most effective needs. I love the fact that it reaches out to a potential candidate immediately so when we talk about qualified people who are in the job search that time, to be able to contact them and reach out and get that process going can be critical. In the old way that I used to do things, we'd get a resume, we'd have to print out the resume, I'd have to look through it, decide if I wanted to even reach out to the candidate. Workstream takes all that automation and immediately contacts the applicant via email chat or both so you're getting that immediate contact and getting that process rolling, and that could be the difference between getting a good candidate if you waited two, three, four days to even contact them. Workstream consolidates all of the information for you from an applicant perspective so when they actually apply for a job, it's got their resume and all the questions that they've already answered through the system. It is customizable so that you can tweak your jobs and although we've set up templates for your position, your location, it's totally customizable. I love the fact that the applicants can schedule their interview on their own based on their schedule without you having any manual intervention. It's got great job boards because we've got Monster, Indeed and Facebook, so this application allows us to post at all of those locations. The support that we have from the Workstream team is amazing but my favorite is the screening and the quiz questions that can bubble up and filter your candidates so that you get the most qualified candidate that you want to interview first. It still keeps other candidates who maybe missed a question as you can see in that quiz status, they're still there in a holding pattern that we can go back and review if we want to, but it really allows those people who can match all the qualifications we're looking for to go ahead and schedule their interview and meet immediately.

Angel: I think these screening questions really did set Kim's account apart. I know a lot of you guys have already been using Workstream and seeing success, but the way that Kim did it was she filtered out applicants based on this question which is "Do you have any previous experience in the pet resort and care industry?" Even though this might be a slightly harder question to answer, she's giving the people who answer yes to this question the opportunity to move forward automatically and schedule that interview. So she's leaving her valuable interview time for the people who meet the criteria of having previous pet experience and that's what's really contributed to her ability to hire four out of the ten people that she interviewed. Let's say in another world where she did not hire 40% of those interviews and she had to go back and interview more people, she can always go back through and look through the people who did not make it past the screening question but still meet the rest of the requirements. So it just helps you manage your time efficiently and spend the least amount of time possible to produce the most results with hiring. So thank you so much Kim like i genuinely appreciate you so much with all the work that you put into your account and I hope you continue to see success. Moving forward, me and Kim actually have a surprise for you guys. Let me present this part. So we have a text-to-apply poster and each of you guys at individual locations with your Workstream account, it does come with this text-to-apply poster. You can send me cute pictures of your doggies and I can put the QR code and the phone number on there, but essentially this is the idea of what it does. You can give applicants the option of texting a phone number to begin applying from their phones but I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to try it out and kind of walk through Kim's workflow, see her screening questions, and see what happens if you pass through and how you get to that next step immediately but yeah just go ahead and scan the code pull up your camera and then a link should pop up at the top of the page. Just apply for any of the webinar positions would be good so that Kim doesn't confuse you with an actual applicant. We didn't want to have her had to turn off her jobs just for this. So just apply for any of the webinar positions it's labeled pet services webinar groomer webinar receptionist webinar so that you can kind of get a taste of Kim's workflow.

Workstream Demo: Customizing Your Hiring Process

(11:27 - 22:46)

Angel: I'm going to show you guys how to customize Workstream a little bit further here. So I'm going to go into Kim's account. Firstly, I wanted to show you guys how you customize the company logos. So when you go into the Workstream account, it's going to have all the positions that you have turned on as well as hired for in the past, so you have a very easy option to turn things on and off as you please. So when you go into settings and company settings here you can see there's a lot of different settings but most important before you get your jobs hosted, we do recommend that you upload your logo here and put up a company introduction. It just helps make your Indeed posting look even more attractive as well as informational, and whenever you are done with that, you can go into the position itself, let me go into the pet services webinar here. So when you go into the position you can edit the position. Under job details, you can change the name, I know some of you guys prefer pet services technician or a kennel technician whatever you guys want to name the job. Whether you want to include rated pay etc and then put up the job descriptions here again, all of this will be copied over from Kim's templates but you can always put your own touch in it. So once you're done editing the job description, this part is pretty easy, you go into the stages. So for the stages, it's going to be set up to this process so far where we accept the application and in the application, you can still change the contents of it but essentially every single stage breaks down to three individual parts. One is the form, which is the content of the stage like the questions that you're asking. The second will be the automated messages which is all of the templates for the text messages and the emails that you're sending out. For example, for the pre-qualification questions for those of you who tried out the text to apply you should have been able to get a message. I said "Hi applicant thank you for your application please follow the link etc". So you can customize the wording for all of these and every single stage will have that template for you to go ahead and customize. The third tab over here is going to be the automation rules. This is where you can set up things that trigger certain actions like for example what Kim has here is if an applicant does not respond to a quiz after two hours and send a reminder. These kinds of reminders will be really helpful when it comes to following up, you don't have to think about oh this person was awesome but let me reach back out to them. You can set up these things to make sure they're constantly being nudged to move forward through the applicant process or if they've just been stale in the stage for longer than seven days then reject. I really like this role that Kim has here because it just keeps her whole applicant flow very clean. If somebody has not replied in seven days, most likely they're not very deserving of your time. And then here she made it a pretty hard filter which is if they answered seven out of seven questions correctly they move to next stage, it's working for her but you guys can always customize that to being X out of X amount of questions correctly to move forward but this is like that kind of like grading criteria that you can set for your pre-screening questions. All of the automation rules for every single stage is very similar, except there's one additional one in the interview stage where you can send a reminder a few hours before the confirmed event. This is super useful because it helps with no shows, it helps everybody be on the same page and I know you guys are used to sometimes even hopping on texting or calling your applicants to make sure they show up for that interview. This is going to save you guys from that. I wanted to ask Kim and touch up on this a little bit here because I know you guys are moving towards more conducting Zoom interviews, Kim has been using this to send out her Zoom link, do you want to just talk a little bit about that?

Kim: So right here when somebody schedules an interview, they'll first get this online interview and then we go ahead and send out the Zoom meeting and you can select the meeting type of video conference. Sometimes, if you want to do just a conference call, then you can specify the meeting type as a phone call. I believe we are trying in our resorts to minimize the face-to-face contact as much as we can through the interview process and so the Zoom interviews for me have been going wonderful. Everybody that even of all ages and backgrounds seem to be able to click on the link and pop up on the Zoom meeting so it's been very effective and it's also time savings. Now you know somebody's got to come in and then you're going to spend time, you know the interviews that are scheduled for 30 minutes are really only lasting 30 minutes. So I found that to be very beneficial time savings as well.

Angel: Awesome thank you so much Kim. But yeah so that's a cool tool, you can add the meeting details and get this automatically sent out and informed to the applicants. You can customize the stages a little bit further here and we do have onboarding. So let me add a new stage, you can always choose to add another stage here if you wanted to do another quiz, this can be another pre-screening or something and then you can add it and then drag the stages in whatever order you'd like. It's super simple to add a stage and change the order of things, very easily manipulated for the ways of changing your stages and kind of just getting the flow to what you want it to be like. When you're done, you will see that you create this horizontal pipeline for applicants to move forward step by step and then you'll be able to see how many people were rejected etc. With that said, I wanted to bring you guys into the scheduling. So for each stage here, you can click into scheduling. You can link your Outlook calendars to Workstream. So all you have to do is go to scheduling settings and then just plug that in. Once you do that, the appointments that are scheduled from Workstream through the automation texting and the emailing will appear on your calendars. Another way to do that is to set up your time slots by selecting some random ones that you're available for interviews, you can make this once a week and then you can even specify the positions and the stages that we'll get to schedule in these stages. So if Kim really needs to hire for pet services, let's just do the interview for the webinar stages. So once I did this, then you guys would have been able to set up a time slot and choose from these slots. Again, all of these videos can be found in our support chat here, just ask a question and they will be able to send you relevant videos and we can also send out an overall guide with different types of videos that we've made for NVA for you guys to access. Last thing I wanted to touch on is the rejection templates. For the rejection templates, so Kim actually has a couple here but you can set up different types of rejection templates, the wording and then for the automation rules you can choose which one is sent and then you can always manually reject applicants and then select from the templates that you've made. 

Kim: There's one that says I'm sorry but your schedule availability does not currently meet the needs of the position but we encourage you to continue to look at jobs and apply if anything changes. It's something a little more professional but especially if there's a candidate that maybe wants to work but their schedule doesn't work now because I have a lot of college students that may apply at least that it tells them that, and that if it changes to reapply for a future job.

Angel: Yes it's been helpful. Let me go ahead and walk you guys through one last thing here. For positions, if you go and you post a new position, you can always go through and toggle jobs on and off. So you can turn that off and then when you turn it back on, it will be posted to the job boards again, but when you add a new position you want to start from scratch, you will have the templates already in here for all of the positions that Kim and I had worked on. After you customize the hiring process, the third step is where you get to choose where you publish your jobs and how do you post it. So you can actually choose from all of the job boards that you want to hit, just turn them all on and then hit publish, create a position and then within a few minutes it'll be live and online on the sites that you have chosen and then you'll see us funnel in any applications that come in from the scan to apply, from Indeed, from Google, from Facebook jobs. Everything will start to come into your Workstream pipeline here.

Workstream Mobile App

(26:56 - 33:36)

Angel: I just wanted to show you that once we publish your jobs to job boards like Indeed, I just went on and took a screenshot of Kim's pet services position that she's actually hiring for, she refreshed it about six days ago. You can see that it just looks like a regular Indeed posting, they won't know that Workstream is really involved but we do provide an easy way for you to push to all the job boards at the same time. So these are just some suggestions that me and Kim have for you guys as far as next steps for new users and both of you guys actually go ahead and download that mobile app, it's been very helpful to be able to keep up with your applicants, see who's texting and text them back immediately directly etc via the Workstream mobile app. If you have some second like a second here to go ahead and check and see if you have any new applicants but it's really helpful to just know that you can access your platform from your phone as well. For the new users please finish up your account setup, edit the templates, change some of the details like the Zoom link if that's in there or the automated messages, go ahead and put your own spin into it. You guys all have very creative puns so you can get really creative with it and then get your first job posted. For existing users we know that me and Kim have been keeping a close eye on you guys' accounts, you guys are doing really well but I think that in order for you guys to have less time in the platform and screen out your applicants, instead of having just one collect info stage, we do advise you adding in a quiz stage where you can determine the right answers for screening question to highlight more qualified candidates. This is just to save you guys even further time, is where we've seen the most difference with Kim's account. Keep your pipelines clean, don't be afraid to reject applicants.

Kim: I know that a lot of the postings or positions that we have reviewed in Workstream in the various pet resort accounts they have questions that are yes and no answers, but they're not officially in the quiz stage. If those are questions that will determine if somebody should go to the immediate interview stage, to add that quiz stage and put those questions there because that way it saves you time and it's very liberating to be able to have the actual applicant reserve their own interview. I love Workstream and the fact that the way that it combines and collects all the applicant information, it's very easy. You just see applicant information and it's got all of their quiz results and resume that they have all in one location for you to be able to view electronically. You can see it in the app and you can see it on the website so no matter where you are, you're able to have that information at your fingertips. And as Angel's showing you right now that has the actual messages that have been sent to Workstream, so I double-check if we have an interview no show. I look and noticed that we just sent a link two hours ago that reminded him of this meeting and they didn't reschedule and it gives them the opportunity to reschedule if they can't make it so to me that means they're not really interested in the job if they're a no show. The market leaders had requested for the resort managers that Angel and I have a separate meeting by market, to get into more detail with your accounts and so I will be scheduling those so all of Jessica's market and Michael's and Julie's, we're going to have another meeting to really get into the details and ask specific questions because the system can be complex but if the flexibility that it offers and the amount of time it could save is greatly worth it but it's really spending a little bit of time and having an expert like Angel point out yes this is where you put that information to be most effective. 

Angel: Thank you Kim, she's actually a Workstream expert now herself as well, so if you guys have any questions go ahead and contact Kim. I work very closely with her so she'll rope me in if necessary but Kim is actually equipped now with a lot of the tools and answers for you guys. So really excited to see NVA and you guys at the pet resorts to post your jobs, get some receptionists and groomers, some technicians hired through us with ease and excited to work on an even long-lasting partnership with you guys. Thank you.


1. Can we use Kim's hiring questions and onboarding paperwork for our hiring needs?

  • Kim: Yes. These were screening questions that were important to me, there may be additional screening questions depending on what you're looking for in your specific resort that you can add and use as well. One of the questions or the way that I think about it and going through the screening questions is, when I was looking at a paper resume, what made me put somebody in a no pile. What was it that really said well I don't want to interview those but I do want to interview this person? One of them was do they have pet or resort experience. So that became one of the screening questions but yes so this is meant to be able to start as a base and you can use that and add to it.
  • Angel: All of the new NVA accounts that were created yesterday today and in the future are going to come with Kim's templates. They're going to come with the pet services template, the groomers template and the receptionist template and after this I'm going to go in and show you guys how to customize it a little bit further and to your liking but yes and then for the people who had a Workstream account previous to this training webinar today, we can add those templates back into your account. Kim started off with the same templates that were in your account and then she modified it so either way you guys are going to end up with the same results where hiring is improved but however you guys want to go about it where we take Kim's and put it in there or you guys can edit it yourself, we're going to teach you guys both and it'll be available for you.

2. What about GMs who don't have a Zoom account? Should we set that up for them?

  • Kim: You could put your Google hangouts link in there as well or whatever video app that you guys are preferring whether the GM prefers to use, it's just a place for you to put information so that the applicant is informed of exactly where to meet you guys. I will add as a follow-up for me is well to get with John because I believe with us trying to move towards contactless interview, I think almost every GM should have a zoom account or be eligible to get one but I will follow up and get that process for the NVA resorts.
  • Lydia: Yeah and you can do a free zoom account - they cut out after 40 minutes but that's usually a good enough time for an interview.

3. If someone applies but I don't have an open job right now, can I reach back out to those applicants when there is an opening? I'm hoping to build a pool of people I can contact so I don't need to pay for job boards when I'm in a rush.

  • Angel: Yes. I can show a little bit further there but yes, you basically are able to build an applicant pipeline. You can filter it by the times that they've applied, or the stages that they've applied and then you even have bulk actions so you can filter it by the people who apply the latest or something like that. You can select these people and do a group action and send an SMS or email or even scheduling but yeah you can contact multiple people at the same time and the people who are just in your pipeline already.
  • Lydia: That's a great way to just be able to contact 25 people who have previously applied and say "Hey we have a new opening available let me know if you'd be interested here's the link to the new job." We see quite a bit of companies do that where this way they always have something posted on a free job board so it sort of saves money from being able to get more people in, be able to screen them, get to them on point.

4. Can people sign all their tax forms and handbooks via Workstream? If so, how do I make sure that they were signed?

  • Angel: Yes, you can do that and it comes with our onboarding module there but the standardized forms are already in the platform. You can even play around with it a little bit in your stages by creating a new stage and choosing the paperwork stage. You can see the different types of options that we already have in there but we are actually working on adding Kim's templates for the documents, all of the pet resorts paperwork into there. We have successfully done that and now chosen places where people need to sign, you can set up automatic reminders for those as well to nudge people through to make sure they fill out all the right paperwork correctly. We're integrated with HelloSign so we can accept online signatures and document inputs. Short answer is we can handle all of that you will just need to have to set that up in your account. 


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