Bar Manager, oversees the staff and operations of a bar by making sure it’s clean, functioning efficiently and inviting for customers to enjoy in. Their main duties include scheduling employees and building their shift calendars, managing and resolving customer complaints and ensuring the bar’s inventory is well-stocked.

Bar Manager Duties and Responsibilities

A Bar Manager uses skills in project management and leadership to ensure customers have a great experience. Bar Managers often have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit, interview, hire and train new bar staff employees
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Advertise the daily, weekly and monthly promotions of the bar
  • Ensure staff is following all beverage control and TABC regulations
  • Create employee schedules based on expected customer numbers

Bar Manager Skills and Qualifications

Bar Managers will need certain prerequisite skills and experience, which include:

  • Communication: Bar Managers will need both written and verbal communication skills. Written communication skills will assist the Bar Manager with understanding directions from the general manager, district manager or corporate employees. Verbal communication skills are crucial as Bar Managers will need to develop working relationships with employees, customers and other management.
  • Problem-solving: It is the role of the Bar Manager to diffuse conflict within the bar. This requires developed problem-solving skills that allow the bar manager to effectively handle conflict in a way that works for both the customer and the staff.
  • Leadership: Leadership skills will assist the Bar Manager in effectively leading their bar staff in a way that is productive and organized.
  • Organizational: Bar Managers are in charge of many different aspects of the business including hiring, promoting, training, scheduling and managing, so strong organizational skills are necessary.