For the opening of our new concept, Retro Bar, we are looking for people with a lot of energy, a lot of desire to learn and with good customer service.

La Diabla is seeking for a group of barbacks

A Barback , or Bartender Assistant, is responsible for assisting Bartenders to ensure they have everything they need to serve customers efficiently. Their duties include replacing stock of beverages, restocking glasses and other supplies needed to make drinks and maintaining a clean dining space throughout their shift.


  • Keep the bar stocked with liquor, syrups, glasses, napkins and all other necessary items before and during service hours.
  • Prepare garnishes, refill ice wells, change beer kegs and restock napkins and straws.
  • Clean up the spills, remove the glassware and organize the counter.
  • Keep the bar area neat and clean.
  • Coordinate with managers, kitchen staff and security personnel to ensure efficient service to customers.
  • Handle emergency situations, like cleaning up broken glasses and clearing up clogged drains.
  • Run the food into the tables