Food Delivery Driver Responsibilities and Duties:

We are looking to hire a reliable food delivery driver who ensures transporting food items safely and timely manner. The driver will be responsible to pick and deliver food items from our center kitchen to our restaurants

Your duties involve ensuring timely delivery of parcels at the assigned route, conducting an inspection of the vehicle before and after trip, reviewing deliveries with customers to ensure food parcels meet their needs, loading and unloading parcels from your vehicle and supporting daily operations


  • Loading, conveying and delivering food items to different customers in a timely manner
  • Count and verify all parcels before leaving the kitchen
  • Inspect containers to ensure they are good enough to present for delivery to customers
  • Maintaining truck and food dispensing equipment
  • Delivering the food items using commercial vehicle safely and efficiently
  • Collecting empty container pan for centers
  • Maintaining cleanliness inside and outside the truck
  • Maintaining proper inventory for specific deliveries
  • Log transport details, processing order paperwork, and payment transaction

Schedule, from 6am to 2 pm