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The Sonoran Desert is hot… And Tucson in September of ‘71 was no exception. Enter our founders to save the day (and all the days to come), driving around the city in their frozen lemonade vending truck, sweetening the moment at schools, sporting games, and concerts with the silky smooth, frosty deliciousness of the now iconic eegee. Pretty cool, right? Since then, we have revolutionized the food scene in Tucson and Phoenix, capturing the hearts of millions and quenching the thirst of Tucsonans (yeah, it’s a real word), Arizonans, and everyone who visits the Sonoran desert.
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Quick service restaurants are known to be fast-paced, and at eegee’s we make the most of every second. We celebrate the wins; we roll with the punches because life is sweeter that way. We pride ourselves on creating the best experience for our guests through genuine interactions and we have fun sweetening every moment. Our teams like to joke that our eegee’s may be cold but our hearts are warm Our off-beat nature is what sets us apart from others. Our name is different. Our drinks are different. And sure, the way we do things may be a little unexpected, but no matter the store or position everyone is on the same team.
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Flexible Full-Time Scheduling: 3-day full-time scheduling: Must have fully open availability 3 days per week 4-day full-time schedule: Must have fully open availability 4 days per week Insurance Benefits for all Full-Time Employees (minimum of 30 hrs each week) PERKS!!! Flexible schedule FREE HealthJoy: a healthcare mobile app for online doctors, prescription savings, healthcare concierge and more. Payactiv: don't wait on your paycheck, get paid earlier. FREE eegee's: employees receive a free meal each shift and have a 20% discount off-shift. Paid Time Off Vacation Time Off Free uniforms Swag discounts
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