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Pet Resort Shift Lead- Customer Service

Shift Leads are responsible for the direct oversite of customer service staff.  They will also act as Managers on Duty.  The shift lead will oversee the flow of the shift, ensure that daily tasks are completed, ensure that care instructions are followed, lead the team in client communication and billing accuracy.   The Shift Lead is responsible for daily feedback to clients, the accuracy of pet care during the shift, and documenting incidents.  This is a physically demanding, high-volume, and quick-paced environment.  Reliability, a strong attendance record, and experience in the industry are required to be considered for this position.  If you have the heart, patience, physical stamina, and the ability to interact and engage with both pets and people this is a very rewarding opportunity.

Suprvisory skills:

  • Customer service skills must be exceptional as you will be communicating any situations that arise in the care of each and every animal in your department.
  • Ability to manage team members with regard to job assignments, tasks, follow-up, and general workflow direction. As well as ensure proper documentation of tasks. 
  • Reports to the management any issues that arise regarding the health of animals and client communications.  
  • Coaching team members under your direction will ensure they understand the expectation and policies in place regarding their position.  
  • Managing the department along with communicating with other departments,  Additionally, all shift leads must be able to lead the entire resort during Manager on Duty Shifts.  
  • Responsible for the tasks required to open and close the building safely. 


• Must have a positive, upbeat personality and lead a team to do the same.  
• Must be able to handle dogs of all sizes and cats.
• Must enjoy working with both people and pets.
• Must have a flexible work schedule where you can work during the week, as well as, many weekends and holiday time frames.
• Must be able to follow directions and comply with processes and procedures.
• Must have strong ability to lead people
• Must be able to perform physically demanding tasks; lift up to 50 lbs, stand for long periods.
• Must have computer knowledge/quick learner.
• Excellent customer service skills, professional, and detail-focused.  Must be able to talk to clients and follow up on open items.
• Organized, detail-oriented, able to multi-task.

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