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Rate of pay$20 - 23 per hour

Summary: The entry level Resident Assistant I will be responsible for the physical and psychosocial well-being of residents. Through training and development per standards, this position will attend to the needs (physical and emotional cares) within their scope of training. In addition, the Resident Assistant I will assist with basic household tasks such as cleaning, mopping, laundry and meal preparation.

The travel position will pick up shifts at our 3 locations across Northeast Wisconsin: 2 in Kewaunee, and 1 in Chilton.


1. Resident’s Rights

a. Know and advocate for Resident Rights

b. Help residents exercise their rights and promote self determination

c. Respect complaints and refer to the Administrator

d. Maintain confidentiality at all times

2. Resident Independence

a. Encourage residents to be independent in areas of daily living as deemed safe and appropriate

b. Promote mobility through proper transfers, assistive device use, and ambulation schedules

c. Promote choice in activities of interest and life skills

3. Provision of Personal Care

a. Assist residents with all aspects of personal care (noted throughout) following ISPs and standards

b. Provide appropriate communication and interventions to those with cognitive impairment

c. Complete cares in timely manner while promoting independence

4. Medication Assistance as followed by community policy

a. Complete State approved medication course and attend continuing education opportunities

b. Demonstrate proficiency in medication pass

c. Document medication administration accurately

d. Report changes in condition or medication reactions to manager

e. Take and record accurate vital signs and weight. Report concerns

f. Manage controlled medications per Federal, State law and company standards

5. Nutritional Needs

a. Prepare/serve meals for residents according to designed menu plan

b. Assure meals are served with proper presentation (neat plates, condiments etc.)

c. Escort resident to dining room as necessary

d. Set tables with resident participation as appropriate

e. Assist in serving meals, bussing tables, replenishing beverages

f. Respect the dining experience by limiting all environmental noise during meal

g. Serve meal per order: example: diabetic, ground meat, etc

h. Observe report and document changes in ability to eat / swallow

i. Offer snacks and beverages per schedule and as needed

6. Elimination

a. Monitor elimination needs of residents as defined on individualized service plan

b. Offer and remove urinals, commodes, incontinence products as needed

c. Assist with bathroom use by verbal reminders, visual direction, escorting or other means necessary to promote independence

d. Peri- care as needed

7. Vital Signs

a. Take, record and report weight, blood pressure, pulse, respirations

b. Report changes per policy

c. Attend annual vital sign review in-service

8. Socialization and Activities

a. Encourage socialization among residents

b. Assist with or conduct programs per Therapeutic Programming staff and written calendar

c. Offer reminders of activities to promote engagement

d. Offer opportunity for large group, small group and individual activity

e. Work in collaboration with programming department to assure continuity of individual programming

f. Participate in 1:1 visits and diversionary activities

9. Admission, Discharge and Transfer

a. Assist residents and families with setting up or packing up personal belongings

b. Participate in resident and family acclimation to community

10. Infection Control

a. Practice proper hand washing techniques

b. Follow standard precautions or other precautions as posted

c. Ensure all waste is disposed of properly and timely

d. Follow all housekeeping chemical use and storage directives

e. Assist residents with maintaining clean hands

f. Report illness to manager

11. Housekeeping

a. Do personal laundry for residents. Follow garment-cleaning directions

b. Strip and make beds weekly and as needed

c. Clean resident rooms and common areas following the schedule

d. Trash removal from resident rooms daily and as needed

e. Trash removal from common areas and kitchen daily and as needed

f. Follow safety procedures for spills, cleaning agents, etc.

12. Safety

a. Know and follow all community safety rules, policies and procedures

b. Fix or report risks / hazards to supervisor

c. Know where residents are at all times

d. Be aware of residents who wander

e. Keep all maintenance rooms locked

f. Know who visitors are at all times

g. Complete incidents or accidents of staff, residents or visitors to Residence Manager

h. Be prepared to respond as a leader to all types of emergency or drills

i. Immediate reporting of any hazard which violates city or state code

j. Know and use proper body mechanics for lifting, pushing, pulling

k. Use various alarms per regulation and ISP’s to increase safety of resident

13. Observations, Documentation and Reporting

a. Attend shift report as directed

b. Report resident well-being changes to supervisor

c. Maintain skills in documenting

d. Complete resident charting every shift per community standards

e. Understand, review, sign off individualized service plans timely

f. Be responsible for abiding by resident care per individualized service plans

14. Work Behaviors

a. Adhere to and carry out all policies and procedures

b. Weekend rotation and holiday work schedule

c. Establish and maintain constructive working relationships with co-workers, residents, families and visitors

d. Maintain confidentiality of verbal and written information regarding residents, families and internal operations

e. Promote teamwork in providing services to residents

f. Adhere to Employee Code of Conduct signed upon hire

15. Knowledge Responsibilities

a. Complete all required education per DHS 83 regulations and company standards

b. Complete 15 in-service credits per year

c. Know where to find all policy and procedure information

d. Know where supplies and emergency equipment are located

e. Able to utilize phone, pager and other communication systems


1. Requirements

a. High school diploma or GED with ability to read and comprehend written instructions

b. Satisfactory criminal background and reference check

c. Skills in rendering care and service to seniors with or without dementia

d. Display mature behavior in speech and action

e. Negative communicable disease screen (including TB)

f. Ability to maintain acceptable work attendance record /follow work schedule

g. Ability to organize and utilize time effectively

h. Negative drug screen (if performed)

2. Working Conditions

a. Heat and air conditioning to be set per DHS 83

b. Lifting and pulling weights up to 50 pounds using gait belts, lift sheets and additional staff Potential for use of lift devices

c. Bending and kneeling to complete tasks

d. Work for 3 – 4 hours of walking, standing, or moving about without need to sit down

e. Breaks as defined per shift upon hire

f. Work with cleaning chemicals

3. Standards

a. Employees may not work under the influence of alcohol or mood altering drugs (prescription or otherwise) / illegal drugs

b. Neat appearance; adherence to the dress code and good personal hygiene

c. Adhere to the assisted living principles of promoting dignity, independence and choice

Additionally, the Resident Assistant I will be required to perform any reasonable duty delegated by the Administrator within the scope of his/her practice, educational level and training that may not be noted on this job description.

Job Types: Per Diem

Salary: $20.00 - $23.00 per hour


  • 12 hour shift
  • 8 hour shift
  • Choose your own hours
  • Day shift
  • Night shift

Work Location: On the road

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