JOB SUMMARY: To ensure that all physical surroundings concerning the operation of Tony Packo’s Cafe are maintained at the highest possible standards with respect to cleaning and sanitizing. 


  • Washing, sanitizing and drying of all restaurant dishes, silverware, pots and pans, commissary tubs, and kitchen utensils. 
  • Maintain proper soap, sanitizer, and spot removal chemical levels in the dishwasher unit. 
  • Assist kitchen personnel in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment with respect to all floors,  walls, and equipment surfaces. 
  • Assist bussing personnel in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment with respect to all floors,  tables, and wait station surfaces and equipment. 
  • Maintain the dish room, walk-in cooler and freezer, and storage areas in a clean and sanitary working environment with respect to all floors, walls, and equipment surfaces. 
  • Maintain clean and sanitary restrooms by wiping, spraying, sweeping, and mopping all sinks, counters,  toilets, and floors. Remove garbage and fill all soap and paper towel dispensers. 
  • Perform any outdoor functions with respect to sweeping, shoveling, salting, and maintaining all ground areas and parking lots in a clean, safe, and presentable fashion. 
  • Report any irregularities to management with respect to guest behavior, employee relations, and equipment problems. 
  • Develop good working relationships with coworkers and demonstrate cooperation and teamwork to ensure guest satisfaction. 
  • Perform any additional duties as assigned by management. 

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: This position requires an energetic person who has organizational skills, can work independently, and is able to work quickly in a small area. 

HUMAN RELATIONS: This position is in interaction with coworkers and managers and therefore must demonstrate a friendly, cooperative, and professional attitude at all times. 

SUPERVISION: Able to work with limited supervision. The nature of the position is such that it is performed to a large extent on their own responsibility after assignment. Unusual problems are referred to the Manager on  Duty. 

REPORTS TO: General Manager/Manager on Duty 

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL DEMANDS: Some lifting of heavy bus tubs and garbage is required to maintain a clean and sanitary work environment. Also, the ability to work for extended hours on one’s feet is necessary.

Tony Packo's - Packo's at the Park

7 S Superior St, Toledo, OH, 43604