The Aviator Events Center and Pub Careers and Jobs

The Aviator Runner must work quickly and efficiently while displaying a strong teamwork mentality and maintaining a polished personal appearance and a friendly demeanor. This position is the backbone of support for our Frontline staff and requires a willingness and desire to help the greater good.


The responsibilities and duties of a Food Runner center around their ability to deliver food correctly to the customers who ordered it. That may seem simple, but there’s actually quite a bit more involved in being a Food Runner including these major duties and responsibilities:

  • Greet the customers when arriving at their table
  • Deliver food orders to customers quickly and accurately
  • Uphold sanitation and food safety principles
  • Check in with customers to ensure their experience is satisfactory
  • Relay reports of customer satisfaction to the management and relevant parties
  • Ensure patrons have all the appropriate tableware they need to properly enjoy their food
  • Assist setting up tables before service with appropriate utensils, napkins and decorations
  • Handle various impromptu requests from customers
  • When a customer gets up and leaves the table, fold their napkin and put it on the chair before they return


  • The ability to multi-task while maintaining a calm composure and a friendly demeanor
  • Use of good communication skills with and showing respect to all fellow employees and management
  • Coming to work on time, and with a positive attitude every shift
  • Following all policies and procedures as listed in The Aviator Employee Manual.
  • Attention to cleanliness and safety
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds
  • Previous experience will be considered a plus

All runners will undergo a 4-day training period after which they will function under a 60 day probationary work period. During training, and before being allowed to work any post training shifts, all bussers must complete and pass a Food/Menu Test and a General Restaurant Knowledge Test.

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