The preparation cooks at Margarita's are responsible for preparing food so that all menu items are always available for service according to our recipes, presentation guidelines and safety and sanitation regulations of the State of Kansas. It is essential that they maintain have full knowledge of the recipes for our regular menu and take care of their work space and work tools provided to them by Margarita's Cantina. Like all other positions at the restaurant they must comply with all company policies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Show up ready for work at the time scheduled
  • Follow safe and sanitary food handling procedures
  • Prepare, portion and package raw foods necessary for service - always following restaurant recipes and procedures, and ensuring quality and freshness
  • Responsible for the yields and correct use of all ingredients
  • Respond to line cooks when asked for ingredients needed in the line for service
  • Work and communicate with other cooks and kitchen supervisor to make sure enough product is ready when needed - food must be always available and ready for use
  • Maintain minimum inventory amount of prepared foods throughout the day to be handed over to the next shift, taking into consideration forecasted sales and special event reservations
  • Report to management when any products are running low (not when they are finished)
  • Make good use and maintain cleanliness of restaurant equipment and utensils
  • Help line cooks with station set up before the start of the rush
  • Thaw frozen ingredients for preparation on a daily/nightly basis
  • Responsible for correctly wrapping, labeling & putting away all product
  • Clean work station and equipment at the end of the shift
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization in the kitchen, storage areas and coolers
  • Perform cleaning duties as assigned

Additional Responsibilities

  • Must be able to assist line cooks when necessary
  • Must maintain a focus on accuracy, presentation, cleanliness and timing while working
  • Cool down and cook foods within required time limits to the temperatures specified by the
  • Department of Health - test temperature of foods as necessary
  • Maintain full knowledge of the menu
  • Maintain a sanitary work area at all times
  • Inform management when there is a need to purchase food ingredients, supplies or equipment
  • Must report to management any problems or issues with products purchased and kitchen equipment
  • Rotate product following FIFO policy (First In First Out)
  • Keep sanitizer buckets in the kitchen at all times, changing the water when necessary
  • Other duties as assigned by kitchen supervisor and management

Qualifications and skill requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • At least 1 year of previous cooking experience in Mexican food is preferred
  • Must have a current Food Handlers card issued by the State of Kansas
  • Must have knowledge of kitchen equipment handling procedures
  • Must have full knowledge of the food menu
  • Must know the ingredients and methods of preparation of all items served at Margarita's
  • Must be able to understand and carry out detailed written and/or verbal instructions
  • Must have multi-tasking abilities
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must be a team player
  • Must have a positive attitude
  • Bilingual is a plus, but is not required(Spanish-English)

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