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Operations Manager

Full time
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What are we all about?

CleanTurn revitalizes commercial spaces by providing professional cleaning services. By providing professional cleaning services, we are changing perceptions and shattering the myth that a person’s past dictates their future.  

Our team is extremely diverse, exciting, motivating and committed to excellence. We are intentional on providing a supportive culture sensitive to the myriad of challenges associated with the impact of generational poverty, incarceration, addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, human trafficking and other traumatic experiences. 

If you are interested in a culture pursuing a healthy mixture of business and social work then you want to join this ever evolving, learning and growing team!

Summary/Objective of this Role: The Operations Manager has the responsibility of managing all areas of daily operations in order to provide professional services to our clients and ensure the success of our team members.

The primary functions of this role are: 

Field Operations 

• Works closely with the Director of Operations on tracking the effectiveness of the overall operations by reviewing the margin tracker and monthly P&L, making any adjustments necessary to ensure annual goals are being met.

• Oversees the day-to-day operations of commercial cleaning contracts, ensuring that the shift runs smoothly and efficiently.  

• Manages and leads daily huddle/shuttles, ensuring teams are properly prepared and get out the door efficiently.

• Ensures the successful start of new contracts by participating in a walk through with the new customer, preparing the checklists, arranging the scheduling, and training the team in the new site. 

• Assists on site as needed due to call-offs, special requests, complaints, etc. to ensure that our commitments to our customers are fulfilled with excellence.

Staff Scheduling / Work Orders

• Compiles work orders and keys on clipboards prior to start of shift.

• Coordinates all scheduling, team assignments and tasks to ensure customer expectations are exceeded.

• Ensures that daily work orders have clarity of scope, time frame, and team assignments. 

• Ensures consistency of teams: appropriate time off requests, clear team lead and team assignments.

• Manages and updates site checklists to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction. 

• Maintains and updates important documents, including staffing plans, master calendar, margin tracker, etc.

• Works closely with Assistant Manager and QC Supervisor in order to address issues or changes throughout the shift to ensure customer satisfaction and team success.

Staff Development / Discipline

• Carries out management responsibilities in accordance with the company’s policies, customers’ rules and regulations and applicable laws when needed.

• Manages of new Team Lead and QC Supervisor training to make sure training plans and checklist are completed.  

• Ensures all team members, Team Leads and QC Supervisors are adequately trained, properly supported and prepared for their roles. 

• Works with the Director of Development and Training regarding training needs and the implementation staff development plans. 

• Holds team accountable to CleanTurn policies, expectations, and core values.  Be consistent, thoroughly documenting policy violations and expected areas of improvement. 

Quality Control / Customer Service

• Maintain correspondence with customers and address concerns in the field in a professional and timely manner.

• Be knowledgeable of details, expectations, and scope of work of each site.  Ensures Team Leads are accurately completing the agreed upon scope of work. 

• Manages and oversees the Quality Control Supervisor(s) in order to ensure overall excellence in quality control, customer satisfaction and staff morale. 

• Monitors QC Check Reports to ensure any concerns are addressed with Team Leads and customer expectations are met.

• Follow-up with QC Supervisor to ensure consistent/repeated QC issues are resolved through training, reminders, etc. 

LMA – Lead, Manage, Accountability 

• Lead team by example in integrity, emotional intelligence, professionalism, customer service, and care. 

• Manage & coach staff concerns and issues in order to create a healthy, high-accountability, positive culture for all teams.

• Lead staff meetings, providing insight, encouragement and reminders.  

• Identify, train and interview potential Team Leads and QC Supervisors.

• Check in biweekly with Team Leads in order to ensure accountability, address team and quality concerns, and provide ongoing training.

• Schedule and conduct performance reviews for all Team Members, Team Leads and QC Supervisors per company guidelines. 

• Keep conversations and information confidential and only discuss within the management team.

Knowledge, Skills, and Other Abilities:

• Ability to multi-task in fast paced environment with constantly changing priorities and high customer demand

• Insightful, articulate and can relate to people at all levels of the organization 

• Possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to lead, manage, and hold reporting staff accountable

• Ability to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor

• Excellent internal and external customer service skills

• Ability to address quality control issues in a way that motivates the team towards success

• Microsoft Office skills, i.e. Excel, Word plus Gmail, Google docs, Google calendar.

• Strong attention to detail

• Excellent organizational skills

• Ability to travel to surrounding areas with own transportation

• Knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials, and supplies   

• Ability to work five days a week during the evening/night with some flexibility; and limited weekend hours as needed.


1. Passion for the mission 

2. Strong communication and customer service skills

3. Must be able to prioritize with discernment on what is important and what can wait 

4. Focuses on the achievement of objectives and standards. 

5. Strives to improve or meet a standard of excellence

6. Valid driver's license 

7. Flexibility

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