McKenzie's Barbeque Careers and Jobs


Full Time
Rate of pay$10 - $12 per hour

Main Responsibilities of a Cleaner/Maintenance

  • Keep buildings in a clean condition
  • Perform all heavy-duty cleaning
  • Perform regular maintenance activities
  • Engage in repair activities when needed

Cleaner/Janitor Description:

We are looking for an experienced Cleaner to feel a vital spot in our staff. We are hoping to find a reliable and skilled person who understands the importance that the role cleaner plays in an organization/building.

The person we would like to give this opportunity to should have strong communication skills, be able to prioritize tasks, and poses both a proactive and reactive mindset. We like to keep our environment tidy and very well-organized, we expect from our future Cleaner/Janitor to take complete responsibility for helping us achieve this.

Responsibilities of a Cleaner/Janitor:

  • Cleaning building floors
  • Gathering and emptying indoor trash
  • Clean, service and resupply restrooms
  • Clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Moving equipment, supplies, and furniture
  • Informing managers about required repair and maintenance activities
  • Maintaining tools and equipment needed for Cleaner duties
  • Organizing and executing spraying of fumigant and insecticides
  • Cleaning Pits

Cleaner/Janitor Job Requirements:

  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must have proven working experience as Cleaner/Janitor
  • Must know and follow sanitation procedures
  • Must be able to respond and act quickly
  • Must have strong communication and multitasking skills
  • Must have knowledge of cleaning equipment, chemicals, and supplies

McKenzie's Barbeque - Conroe

1501 N Frazier St, Conroe, TX 77301