Product Development Manager


The Product Development Manager works alongside the VP of Product R&D and Innovation to lead the research, development, and commercialization of Farther Farms’ novel shelf-stable food products. The role is deeply involved in ideation, product formulation and packaging, process optimization, execution of recipes at-scale, team leadership and mentorship, and planning of the long-term innovation plans. Based in Rochester, NY, the Product Development Manager oscillates between the company’s research labs and GMP pilot facility, marrying and encouraging an inquisitive, first principles intellectual approach with an understanding of commercial operations and implementation. By working alongside the engineering, operations, microbiology, and food safety teams, the individual assists with the rapid development of never-before-possible food products with global applications. This is an ideal position for someone looking for a work environment that combines true academic curiosity with a focus on creating real-world value.


  • Farther Farms develops novel food products using its new in-package pasteurization technology;
  • With your knowledge and prior experience in food science and operations you participate in commercialization projects from concept and development through production;
  • Farther Farms' GMP facility produces a food safe, consistent, marketable product according to all specifications, safety plans, regulations, and schedule processes;
  • You are viewed as a leader and resource in the organization.


With 6-10 years of related food product development and team management experience, the candidate has:

  • Demonstrated technical and scientific experience in multi-faceted approach to food, process and packaging projects;
  • Experience in team member coaching, mentoring and managing; 
  • Experience in team development planning and training;
  • Demonstrated strong project management skills from bench to full commercialization;
  • Experience in designing robust experiments to demonstrate hypothesis with actionable business outcome;
  • Experience in specification building and verification;
  • Experience with prioritizing & planning, delegating appropriately based on team growth strategy, organizing, goal setting oneself or for the team, decision making, and presentation skills to internal and external customers;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage myriad and shifting priorities with multiple stakeholders to completion under tight timeline;
  • A Master's degree in food science, food technology, microbiology, or a related science field is required. A PhD is preferred.


  • Plan research, development, and commercialization of new food products by applying scientific principles in food chemistry, ingredient utilization, processing, packaging knowledge and sensory analysis;
  • Be resourceful and follow an unmarked path with a beginner’s mindset to learn the various attributes derived from processing food with supercritical carbon dioxide;
  • Guide the team through thinking and finding;
  • Utilize an understanding of commercial-scale operations and implementation to assist with the identification of product specifications and the design and development of products accordingly including formulations, testing schedules, prototype development, and verification of final food and package prototype performance in manufacturing;
  • Be the R&D recognized technical expert with a keen eye toward strategy and evaluation of results for appropriate adjustment recommendations;  
  • Influence and collaborate with the operations team, execute the scale-up of bench top processes as trial runs on the production line, trouble-shoot and develop solutions for specific inconsistencies, as needed;
  • Assist in identifying Intellectual Property opportunity;
  • Represent the Product development team in interdepartmental decisions;
  • Be a cheerleader for the research team and the entire organization and an ambassador for Farther Farms.

Pilot Implementation

  • Support the R&D team with facilitation of production trials and bench top tests within the operations facility to develop new products; 
  • Pro-actively identify and execute process improvements;
  • Use production results and structured problem solving to design experimentation, develop and test theories, and lead interpretation of results;
  • Identify possibilities outside the roam of standard processes to resolve challenges and implement testing,
  • Identify and diagnose root causes of product scale up challenges, and postulate a plan of action with the team with a first principle's mindset;
  • Lead team to the execution and implementation of the hypothesis and solutions on the production line to overcome the identified product scale-up challenges;
  • Always maintain and teach a comprehensive understanding of all manufacturing operations, end-products, raw materials, packaging materials, and quality specifications and standards;
  • Assist with day-to-day operations of the facility as needed.


This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits.  Compensation commensurate with experience. Farther Farms is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates must have valid work authorization and be able to work in the U.S. without company sponsorship.


260 E Main St, Suite 6406, Rochester, NY 14604