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JOB OFFER: MicroHabitat Montreal installation team

Final date for sending your application: April 25, 2021

Are you looking to work in a company that has values

in the right place and that helps build more sustainable cities and communities?

MicroHabitat is looking for someone to fill MicroHabitat Montreal installation team positions with ambition, leadership and a passion for agriculture.


At MicroHabitat, we are implementing urban agriculture to improve the urban environment, the lifestyle of city dwellers and encourage a better understanding of environmental issues. We install vegetable gardens on the roofs of companies, institutions and schools to reconnect people to nature and their food.

What awaits you?

A rewarding job where you can enjoy the summer and cultivate in unique places

A competitive salary and 4% paid vacation per year upon hiring

Free coffee and tea and a workspace in the heart of Montreal

A team-oriented work environment that encourages initiative and leadership

Happy hour and various social events during the summer

Fun team activities with your colleagues - because MicroHabitat is first and foremost a big family!

Work and meet colleagues as passionate as you.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

At MicroHabitat, we believe that the unique personality, skills, background and origin of each team member are key to achieving our goal: to connect people to the nature around them by discovering the urban agriculture. We have the privilege of serving unique cities and aim to develop a team that reflects these living and working spaces. Thus, we encourage people from all walks of life to apply and are committed to creating a place where everyone feels included, recognizing that this is an ever-evolving process.

Job Description :

Under the supervision of the chief farmer and the administration team, the role of this person is to facilitate the implementation of urban agriculture projects with a multicultural clientele within their work and living environment. located in different boroughs of Montreal.

Tasks and main responsibilities:

The incumbent of this position will be responsible for delivering materials to urban production areas, planting, and setting up each project across the city.

To work in consultation with the members of the MicroHabitat team in order to contribute to the deployment of our projects in urban agriculture. The person will also be responsible for

Horticultural management

∙ Transport of materials and plants to the production area.

∙ Carry out the arrangements with the MicroHabitat team during the installation period.

∙ Ensure cleanliness during installations.

∙ Carry out all other tasks related to the installation of the area (watering, tying the tomato plants, installation of support systems, watering system.

Representation and administration

∙ represent the company as a member of the installation team.

∙ Perform all other related tasks related to the establishment of production areas.

∙ Follow and maintain security protocols that affect MicroHabitat operations.

Schedule for applications and entry into position:

-Application period (April 12, 2021 - April 25, 2021)

-Interview period (April 26, 2021 - April 30, 2021)

-Entry on May 13, 2021 at 9h AM.


● Must have access to a personal vehicle or personal transport. 

● Must have a functional cellphone 

● Must have an interest for agriculture or gardening

● Must be in good physical shape

● Must be available Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM between Mai 13th 2021 and June 30th.

Salary and Benefits

Salary: $ 20 / hour

Working day varying between 4 to 9 hours / day (8:00am-6:00pm)

Paid lunch of 30 minutes / day

Bonus: $ 150 for completing the installation period with us

Bonus: $ 150 bonus paid at the end of the installation period to compensate for your personal displacements and parking throughout the city during the installation period.  

MicroHabitat - Toronto

85 Kincort St, Toronto, ON M6M 5G7