Splash Summit Waterpark (formerly Seven Peaks) Careers and Jobs

Assistant to the Maintenance Manager

Full time
Rate of pay$$10-$14 per hour

Main Responsibilities of the assistant to the maintenance manager:

● Assist in winterizing the park and getting it ready for the summer season
● Running various errands to obtain parts and materials
● Communicating and working closely with the maintenance manager to fulfill any tasks he may have.

Maintenance Worker Job Description:

This is an hourly position at $10-$14 an hour depending on experience. We are looking for an assistant who can help us complete a variety of maintenance projects in an efficient, effective, and safe manner. They must be able to perform various on-site tasks, and make sure every work site is perfectly safe.

A good job candidate must be able to drive and be able to complete various tasks such as loading and unloading building materials and tools, and operating light machinery and equipment. They also need to work great in a team, and follow all the instructions and maintenance plans.

Responsibilities of a maintenance Worker:
●  Following directions from maintenance manager and following up if necessary 

● Obtaining any parts and materials from local stores and warehouses
● Loading and unloading building materials and tools
● Assembling tools and equipment
● Keeping invoices, receipts and project plans organized and orderly
● Being able to drive from place to place
● Properly doing all park maintenance work
● Being compliant with all the health and safety regulations
● Following instructions and maintenance plans
● Lending a hand to contractors when necessary

Maintenance Job Requirements:
● High school diploma or equivalent is required
● Ability to effectively work in a team
● Good communication and problem-solving skills
● Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks
● Willingness to learn and get additional training if necessary


  • High school diploma or equivalent is required
  • CURRENT driver's license required