Splash Summit Waterpark (formerly Seven Peaks) Careers and Jobs

Human Resources Specialist

Part time
Rate of pay$$10-$12 per hour

Main Responsibilities of an HR generalist

- Oversee all HR-related items: recruiting/hiring, training, payroll, employee paperwork, terminations, worker's comp., etc. 

- Collaborate daily with Office Manager and corporate HR

Guest Interaction Supervisor Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and seasoned Human Resources Generalist who will always be on top of their performance and make a contribution to the overall excellence of our customer service and office staff.

We need a person who fully understands the importance of this job and is willing to show all the dedication needed.

Human Resources is a critical part of managing a team, so our perfect candidate must have great organizational and communication skills. Since you'll also be supervising and processing HR items, we require someone with excellent leadership skills and some experience with HR-related tasks. 

A perfect candidate must be creative, organized, and highly skilled in processing adjustments and working in a fast-paced environment.


$10.00-$12.00/hr with a potential $1/hr bonus at the end of the season.

Responsibilities of an HR Specialist 


  • Advertise for all positions –submit job postings, update job information on website, etc.
  • Uniforms - order uniforms for all departments (except Aquatics), inventory as they arrive, disburse/track uniforms and Uniform Deposits, etc.
  • Process payroll bi-weekly.
  • New Hires – organize employee paperwork in files, ensure paperwork is filled out accurately and completely, report new hires to the state, etc.

Summer Duties

  • Continue advertising for any needed positions and organizing applicants for managers.
  • Process payroll bi-weekly.
  • New Hires – assist new hires in filling out necessary paperwork, organize all employee paperwork in files as employees are hired, ensure paperwork is filled out accurately and completely, report new hires to the state, etc.
  • Send weekly payroll details for approval and adjustments – make adjustments in system as necessary.
  • Update employee handbook packets and other paperwork; maintain readily available copies.
  • Compile employee pictures for Upper Management and Security.
  • Process employee terminations and fill out appropriate paperwork; process worker’s comp claims.

**This is a seasonal position. It will begin towards the end of April and extend until the beginning of September.


Minimum Requirements

High School Diploma

Some college experience

Interest in Human Resources 

Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and other basic computer programs

Personal Qualifications

Strong verbal, writing, planning, and organizational skills.

Excellent people skills; group-oriented.


Disciplined; follows the rules.

Skilled at arranging and orchestrating tasks and assignments.


Numerical; has an affinity for numbers.

Problem solver; able to think through things with incomplete data.

Able to do several tasks simultaneously and work in a fast-paced environment.