Splash Summit Waterpark (formerly Seven Peaks) Careers and Jobs

Tubes and Parking Supervisor

Part time
Rate of pay$10.00 per hour

**This is a SUPERVISOR position. We are looking for someone out of high school (preferably) and with previous work experience. 17 years and older

Main Responsibilities

-Assist the Office Manager with scheduling, training, and following up with Tube Rental and Parking employees.
-Coordinate with the office manager and other supervisors in training and scheduling tube and parking employees 

Tube and Parking Supervisor Job Description
We are looking for an experienced and seasoned Tube and Parking Supervisor who will always be on top of their performance and make a contribution to the overall excellence of our office team.
We need a person who fully understands the importance of this job and is willing to show all the dedication needed.
Customer service is important for building trust with customers, so our perfect candidate must have great organizational and communication skills.
A perfect candidate that we have in mind must be creative, organized, and highly skilled in working with customers who may have concerns as well as supervising a team of employees.


$9.00/hr and a potential $1/hr bonus at the end of the season. 

Responsibilities of a Tubes and Parking Supervisor 


 Help interview prospective employees

 Give input on changes or revisions of policies and procedures.

 Attend all training meetings for Supervisors.

 Help with pre-season scheduling and training.


 Run weekly in-service meetings and attend any weekly meetings and trainings.

 Supervise employees on a daily basis; audit employees daily.

 Monitor employee performance on a daily basis and deal with minor employee discipline.

 Set a good example for employees by following guidelines, maintaining professional appearance, and enforcing rules.

 Respond to guest concerns and complaints.

 Staff according to need.

 Monitor employee hours and approve time changes.

 Prepare stations for opening (i.e. stocking supplies, walking cashiers to positions, etc.).

 Spot-break cashiers when needed or work alongside employees as needed.

 Maintain paperwork and schedule employees on a three-week basis.

 Coordinate with Guest Interaction Manager daily.

**This is a seasonal position. It will begin in March (part time) and extend until the beginning of September. 



 High School Diploma 

 Cashier experience and math skills

 Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

 Supervisor and leadership experience a plus

 Customer Service experience a plus


 Excellent people skills; group-oriented.

 Good organizational and communication skills.

 Detail-oriented.

 Disciplined and responsible; thinks rules are important.

 Positive; happy and content.