JOB SUMMARY: To ensure the friendly, timely, and professional service through the delivery of all beverage and food products sold at the bar at Packo’s.

  • Cheerfully and sincerely greet each customer when making first contact. 
  • Ensure the safe and “controlled” service of all alcoholic beverages by checking all identification from any customer whose physical appearance is that of a person 30 years old or younger. Making continual observations of all customers with respect to anyone exhibiting classic signs of intoxication and reporting any of the above situations to management immediately. 
  • Ensure the proper and immediate ringing on computer register of all food and beverage orders from customers. 
  • Ensure accurate and efficient sales transactions and service, with a good working knowledge of all charges, or other substitutes for cash which may be used to purchase products, and a good understanding of the computer terminal. 
  • Full understanding of the employee discount program as well as when and when not to use it. 
  • Fill any beverage orders placed by server personnel for delivery to customers seated at full-service tables. 
  • Provide full-table service to all tables in the bar dining room (applicable by location). 
  • Use proper measuring procedures when mixing all alcohol recipe beverages. 
  • Serve all drinks in the proper glassware with proper garnishes to all guests. 
  • Maintain a full stock of all beverage products and mixes at the start, middle, and end of each shift. 
  • … Maintain a clean and sanitary work environment by continually wiping and or spraying all work surfaces from the bar mirrors to the front face of the bar. 
  • Maintain glass-wash sinks properly as to provide the entire restaurant with clean and sanitized bar glassware and pitchers. 
  • Tune all TVs to appropriate and approved programming. 
  • Develop good working relationships with coworkers, demonstrating cooperation and teamwork to ensure Total Guest Satisfaction. 
  • Report and irregularities to management with respect to guest behavior, concerns of food and beverage products, employee relations, and equipment problems as they occur. 
  • Perform any additional duties as assigned by management. 

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Energetic and customer service oriented to provide prompt, friendly and courteous service to all customers. This position requires reading skills and math skills to ensure accurate and efficient sales transactions. Organizational skills are required during peak times to accomplish multiple tasks under high pressure and to ensure each customer is completely satisfied.

HUMAN RELATIONS: This position is in continuous interaction with customers and coworkers; therefore, must demonstrate a friendly, cooperative, and professional attitude at all times. 

SUPERVISION: Able to work with limited supervision. The nature of the position is such that it is performed to a large extent on their own responsibility after assignment, with some choice of method. Unusual problems are referred to the Manager on Duty. 

REPORTS TO: General Manager/Manager on Duty 

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL DEMANDS: The ability to handle stressful situations regarding customer satisfaction and the ability to work for extended hours on one’s feet is necessary. Some lifting and bending is required to maintain a clean work environment and to stock the bar.

Packo's - Packo's at the Park

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