MOOYAH’s Hiring Solution is Here!

MOOYAH recently launched a partnership with Workstream to tackle hiring for your store! The Workstream solution provides a 70% reduction in time to hire, and 4x the number of candidates, with automation and text messaging. This solution is meant to equip your stores with the right tools to hire better while saving you time.

Join this webinar to see a deeper dive into how MOOYAH stores have been using the platform to streamline hiring!

(This partnership is in place to ensure that every MOOYAH location is staffed with the best. As we make this shift to proactive recruiting, and to reach an operational standard of 14 fully staffed shifts per week, using the Workstream platform WILL get us there.)

Angel and Pricilla-MOOYAH

Chick-fil-A's Hiring Secrets

Watch the Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, we share the secrets to Chick-fil-A's hiring process and how they utilize Workstream to its maximum potential and get 4x as many applicants. 


Domino's Secret to Success in 2020

Hiring Optimization with Workstream

In this webinar, we take a peek behind how Domino's is specializing and honing in their hiring process by utilizing text messages to engage applicants instead of the tedious process of emails.

How Carl's Jr. Uses 30-Second Videos to Hire Faster in 2020

Past Webinar

In this webinar, we pulled in individual job descriptions and hiring processes from two different Carl's Jr. organizations to compare and contrast what they are doing in their hiring process.