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Collect new hire paperwork and signatures digitally

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Steal these hiring automation tricks (and thank us later)

  • By: Workstream
  • On Jun 5, 2023 4:18:33 PM
40 min read

Steal these hiring automation tricks (and thank us later)

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could bring new hourly workers into your business faster? Whether you’re hiring rapidly to meet seasonal demand or adding a few team members at a time, bu...

11 best free job posting sites

Your business is only as strong as its employees. Yet, finding new, qualified candidates isn’t always easy:

LinkedIn job posting basics

Are you hiring hourly employees? You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, but did you know it can be an effective tool for job postings? Join us as we discuss the basics of posting a job on LinkedIn and how...

Best job posting examples

The job market continues to stay highly competitive, and companies are fighting for the most qualified job applicants. The faithful job posting - the first contact job seekers have with potential empl...

Simple and effective job posting templates

Sample and Effective Job Posting Templates

The different interviewing styles of hiring managers

Have you ever been headhunted by a hiring manager? Well, this recruitment method is actually gaining popularity worldwide as hiring managers start to rely heavily on social media platforms such as Lin...

Top interview skills for the interviewer

Searching and interviewing for a new job can be unnerving, but having the right skills in your repertoire can make the process smoother. With the right interview skills, you can position yourself as a...

Great motivational interviewing techniques

As individuals continue to seek new ways to overcome life's challenges, motivational interviewing (MI) has become an increasingly popular approach. MI is a form of therapy that seeks to empower indivi...

Best questions to ask when interviewing someone

Conducting an interview is as much an art as it is a science. All candidates are different and it's your job as the interviewer to draw out the best answers to help you make an informed decision on wh...

Everything to know about interviewing

Interviewing. The very word can strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced job seekers and recruiters. It’s a hurdle that must be overcome to achieve success in the modern workforce. One ...

3 ways to give hourly workers the flexibility they want

The world of hourly work has changed rapidly in the last few years.

Desmond Lim honored as 'Entrepreneur Of The Year' finalist

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in transforming our lives by disrupting entire industries and reinventing economies. We couldn’t be happier our own Desmond Lim has been recognized as a finalist for th...