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10 restaurant employee retention strategies for 2022

  • By: Workstream
  • On Jan 20, 2022 11:07:48 AM
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10 restaurant employee retention strategies for 2022

4.5 million. That’s how many Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in November 2021! It’s a record-breaking number that’s a hard hit on industries that were already struggling with a national labor sh...

6 tips for dealing with difficult employees

As a manager, you've probably had to have difficult conversations with your hourly employees. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been good team players. Perhaps it’s because they’re often in disagreement...

Pay transparency laws and what it means for employers in the restaurant industry

Do you remember the advice you got early in your career? The one that encouraged you to never ask what the job you’re interviewing for pays? Well, that advice is slowly becoming obsolete. 

Restaurant operations manual: How to write one in 2022

Will writing a restaurant operations manual be the most exciting thing you do for your business? Not at all. But is it an essential tool for any restaurant owner that wants to thrive and grow their bu...

Why every QSR needs an internal hiring strategy

Hiring and training employees is one of the biggest challenges facing VPs of operations for QSR brands. Keeping your talent pipelines full for your DMs and GMs can feel like mission impossible at time...

How Dunkin’ launched a successful objective-based hiring campaign

As vice president of operations for a quick service restaurant (QSR) brand, you wear many hats. You lead a team of district managers (DMs) and general managers (GMs) in providing exemplary guest servi...

When (and how) to give candidates feedback

Giving job candidates quality feedback is immensely valuable to the candidate and the organization. But, it’s rarely done well (if at all). 

Comparison of hourly wages across 7 companies

Companies are bound by law to offer hourly workers an hourly rate that matches either the federal minimum wage ($7.25 since 2009) or the minimum wage proposed by the state (whichever one is higher). C...

10 Overlooked (and Effective) Ways to Find Employees

Finding great restaurant employees is tough. And in today’s labor market, it’s harder than ever. Too many of us know someone who’s had to decrease their restaurant hours or close their lobby early (ke...

4 Tried and True Ways to Create a Supportive Team Culture

Ever wonder what separates strong crews who work well together—whether the restaurant is in the middle of a rush or winding down for the night—from the pack? The team culture.

How Fair (and Competitive) Wages Grow Your Bottom Line

Philosophically, you may not have any concerns about paying your employees a higher wage. After all—especially in today’s tight labor market—it’s a great way to attract and retain employees. But, in p...

How to Out-Hire the Gig Economy

Hiring hourly employees has become harder with the rise of the gig economy. More and more, people are choosing to work independently instead of the traditional jobs they would find downtown at their l...