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Baker and Mixer Position -Crumbl Cookies

Rate of payStarting at $15 per hour

Want to be a part of the greatest cookie craving in history?

Crumbl Cookies have rocked the world with millions of Tik Tok followers and avid fans dedicated to the worlds best cookies. As a cookie technician, your job is to craft the gourmet cookies that are taking the nation by storm. Crumbl is looking for people just like you to join our team now

Crumbl Cookies holds a high reputation consisting of incredible tasting cookies while providing a clean, safe and welcoming environment. This reputation is only possible with an individual who is passionate and dedicated to offering world class cookies, serving the team and customers, while having a strong desire to grow and learn.

We also offer many other great benefits such as:


•Sampling Cookies

•50% off cookies

•Flexible Scheduling

•Sundays Off/ Bakery is closed Sundays


•Enjoys baking

•Likes working with your hands

•Fast pace, and attention to detail

•Has a passion to serve and interact with people

•Takes pride in making memorable experiences for people

•Can learn and grow while being in a fast-paced environment

•Have the ability to communicate effectively in English

•Compute basic math/counting practices

•Be at least 17 years of age (minors must have signed work permissions)

•Be willing and able to work a flexible schedule

•Have the ability to lift and carry up to 55 lbs

•Be able to stand during the shift

•Be compliant with any local or company mask or related Covid-19 policies

•No nails must be kept clean and short in order to wear appropriate gloves and ensure food safety

•Hair must be kept in such a manner that it can be worn with a hair net or kept in a ball cap

•Applicants will also be expected to be able to work on their feet for several hours at a time and lift potentially heavy objects when necessary. Prior experience is preferred, but not necessary.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

•As a Cookie Technician your job is to help craft cookies at every stage on its way to the customer

•Reading and understand the Crumbl recipes for preparing each week's cookies

•Following recipes to make cookie dough, frosting, toppings and glazes

•Portioning the mixed dough into consistent cookie dough balls ready for baking

•Panning out the cookies onto baking sheets

•Dressing the cookies in that weeks toppings

•Boxing customers orders of the worlds best cookies

•Greeting customers, answering questions, making recommendations, accepting orders and payment, and providing exceptional customer service

•In addition to just baking and making the world's best cookies, cookie technicians contribute to the overall success of each location by:

•Maintaining clean and tidy workspaces

•Restocking ingredients and supplies

•Folding and preparing the signature pink Crumbl boxes

•Vocally greeting every customer that patrons Crumbl

•Create and maintain eye contact

•Make memorable connections with guests

Uniform & Appearance

•Working in a bakery we have some additional precautions that must be followed in order to assure 100% food safety.

• No jewelry (including piercings, necklace, rings, etc) can be worn during shift in the kitchen

• No nails must be kept clean and short in order to wear appropriate gloves and ensure food safety.

• Hair must be kept in such a manner that it can be worn with a hair net or kept in a ball cap.

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