Dogtopia Careers and Jobs

Canine Coach (Playroom Attendant)

Rate of pay$12.5 per hour

• Bring you dog to work? That’s right! Dogtopia, the industry leader in dog daycare, boarding, and spa services has an immediate opening for an energetic, organized, business-minded individual.

• Core Competence:

• · Consistent and timely attendance

• · Ability to learn dog recognition

• · Completion of all E-learning platforms

• · Meal recording

• · Proper door control in all rooms

• · Ability to help with spa and grooming tasks.

• · Safety is always number 1!

• Qualifications:

• · Must love dogs.

• · Ability to spend up to 100% of work time standing.

• · Ability to work flexible days and hours, including holidays and weekends.

• · Ability to work cohesively with others in a fun, fast paced environment

• · Strong customer service skills

• · Ability to “own” a room of dogs

• Personal Characteristics

• · Detail oriented

• · Quick thinker

• · Emotionally intelligent

• · Outgoing, enthusiast by nature

• · Fun-loving

• · Strong observance skills

• · Strong multitasker

• · Excellent communicator

• Have Fun on Camera!

• · Maintain control of large group of dogs

• · All rooms are equipped with cameras for Pet Parents to stay engaged

• · Caring for all furry friends as if they were part of your family

• · Keep data accurate with current dogs

• · Engage, paly and enjoy the furry friends!

• · Understanding our Dogtopia-isms

• o The Rules by which we, as DOGTOPIANS live by are:

• § We LOVE life unconditionally like a dog

• § We STAY loyal to our pack

• § We CHASE the absolute highest standards

• § We PLAY to our fullest potential

• § We TREAT every day like It’s the Most Exciting Day Ever!

• Health and Grooming:

• · Efficient in all grooming tasks

• · Will learn how to identify dog breeds and behaviors

• · Report dog scuffles right when they occur for safe wound cleaning if needed

• · Work with team to assure our Quality Of Care sets the standards for dog care

• Clean and Safe Environment – to ensure our furry friends are always in a safe and clean environment we take pride in working as a team to get all the nitty gritty complete

• · Maintain and update cleaning schedule, along with holding themselves and team accountable to the Dogtopia’s safety and cleaning standards

• · Inventory management of cleaning, dog and 1st aid supplies

• · Dismisses dog proactivity with ongoing behavior issues and monitors action plans to retain those with minor issues.

• Customer Service & Presentation:

• · Maintain a neat and organized Front desk team and area at all times

• · Set the example for the team with the 3 S’s (smile, story and satisfaction) and hold accountable to internal and external customer service standards

• · Strive for high customer review ratings

• · ENJOY your team! GROW your team! And PLAY to the fullest potential.

• As the Canine Coach, you are responsible to work closely with our furry friends in creating a safe and fun environment while still setting the highest standards and satisfaction of our pet parents.

Dogtopia - Downtown Orlando

1452 Alden Rd, Orlando, FL, 32803