Urban Farmer 2023

Full Time
Rate of pay$20.50 per hour


At MicroHabitat, we are implementing urban agriculture to improve the urban environment, the lifestyles of city dwellers and encourage a better understanding of environmental issues. We install urban farms on the roofs of companies, institutions and schools to reconnect people to nature and their food.

What awaits you?

A rewarding job where you can enjoy the summer and cultivate in unique places

A competitive salary and two months of paid vacation per year upon hiring

Free coffee and tea and a workspace in the heart of Montreal

A team-oriented work environment that encourages initiative and leadership

Happy hour and various social events throughout the year

Fun team activities with your colleagues - because MicroHabitat is first and foremost a big family!

Work and meet colleagues as passionate as you.

Job Description :

Under the supervision of the Chief Urban Farmer and the role of this person is to set up urban agriculture projects with a multicultural clientele within their work and living environment located in different boroughs of Montreal. She will also be responsible for mobilizing, raising awareness and transferring knowledge in urban agriculture to this varied clientele.

Tasks and main responsibilities:

The person holding this position will be responsible for setting up agriculture projects, managing their production areas, monitoring, supporting and evaluating the urban agriculture activities of the projects that they are responsible for. are allocated throughout the season and to work in concert with the members of the MicroHabitat team in order to contribute to the expansion of the company around the world and the deployment of urban agriculture in each of our cities.

Horticultural management

∙ Coordinate and prepare materials for installations.

∙ Carry out the arrangements with the MicroHabitat team during the installation period.

∙ Ensure the full maintenance of MicroHabitat urban farms and mobilize members of these organizations by offering project information and horticultural advice.

∙ Carry out educational activities with MicroHabitat clients.

∙ Perform all other related tasks (harvesting, cuttings, watering, tying up tomato plants, controlling pests and weeds, cleaning crops, delivering crops).

∙ Perform quality control tasks and issue reports for horticultural management.

Representation and administration

∙ Attend team meetings and meetings with partners.

∙ Write reports and document the activities of each of the production spaces.

∙ Perform all other related tasks related to purchasing and maintaining MicroHabitat tools and infrastructure.

∙ Perform quality control tasks and issue reports for the management of the roofs of the various urban farms.

∙ Follow and maintain security protocols that affect MicroHabitat operations

∙ Participate in the creation of standardization documents and training guide for company operations.

∙ Work directly with the different branches of the company (sales and marketing) as well as with the other cities where MicroHabitat operates.


Start date for this position : May 8th, 2023

Salary and Benefits:

Start date for this position : May 8th, 2023

∙ Salary offered: $ $20.50 / hour

+ Addition to MicroHabitat's telephony after three months of employment

Normal working day: Monday-Friday, 8 am-4pm

Possibility of overtime during high season.

For any questions related to the position, do not hesitate to contact us at (438)476-5273 extension 3

Skills sought:

∙ Good mobilization skills.

∙ Good writing skills.

∙ Participatory leadership.

∙ Have a vision and passion for urban agriculture and sustainable development

∙ Interpersonal skills, interpersonal and communication skills.

∙ Autonomy, versatility and resourcefulness.

∙ Sense of initiative, organization and priority management.

∙ Good capacity for popularization and transmission of knowledge.

∙ Patience, empathy and generosity.

∙ Good physical condition.

∙ Ability in group animation and management.


∙ Hold a DEC or equivalent or a Bachelor's in agriculture / urban agriculture / horticulture / environmental science / sustainable development.

∙ Must have worked or studied in the field of agriculture, horticulture, urban agriculture or sustainable development.

∙ Have theoretical and practical knowledge in agriculture, urban agriculture or horticulture.

∙ Must have experience and be comfortable frequently using technological tools such as a smartphone, the Microsoft Office suite, the Google suite and video conferencing platforms (ex: Zoom, Google Meet, etc. ).

∙ Be bilingual and at ease both orally and in writing in French and English.

∙ Have good writing and speaking skills.

∙ Possess a driving license.

∙ Have two years of driving experience.

∙ Be a USA resident

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