Assistant Chief Farmer

Rate of pay$43500 per hour

Position description:

Under the direct supervision of the Chief Farmer of your region, your duties and responsibilities are to help support the Chief Farmer to help reach their yearly objectives.  

Roles and Responsibilities

Client Management Roles 

  • Following up on client's educative program
  • Making sure clients folders are up-to-date
  • Performing site visits & creating location certificates
  • Performing courtesy visits for new clients

Administrative Roles

  • Making sure employees are filling payroll documents 
  • Support to the creation of farmers schedules (pint point all gardens, create logical routes, all gardens close to each other must be done the same day and then assign a farmer to each route - day en maintenance) 
  • Create and share the google calender of each farmer for his own city so the team can know who is were and when
  • Creation of communication templates for clients 
  • Help with reviewing and simplifying the MicroHabitat guides 
  • Implement strategies and tasks assigned by the directors 
  • Standardization of workshops, educational activities, and corporate gifts 

Human Resource Management 

  • Acting as a support for the recruitment and selection of employees
  • Acting as a support during the onboarding process of new employees (Farmers, Lead Farmers and Installation Team)
  • Acting as a support during the onboarding of installation teams 
  • Training and giving uniforms to farmers and installation team 
  • Acting as a support during employee evaluations 
  • Limited decision in regards to human resource management of employed employees (the lead should be the one deciding if farmers can take off work)

Educative Roles

  • Scheduling workshops 
  • Giving workshops 
  • Hosting educational activities (kiosks and garden visits) 
  • Assuring quality control of the workshops and educational activities in your appropriate city
  • Making sure the workshop space is adequate for giving workshops 


  • Tracking and inventory of corporate gifts for your city
  • Tracking of educational activities for your city (given vs not given) 


  • Being present on site along or in parallel with the lead farmer and or lead install when installing new gardens and reopening old clients (quality and team efficiency supervision) this could allow us to do multiple reopens and installs at the same time.
  • Doing initial site visits 
  • Creating the my maps pinpoints for our various projects 
  • Creating the location certificates for our projects
  • Helping to assemble corporate gifts 
  • Limited decision-making in regarding the farming operations (compared to the lead) 

Work Environment

  • Help to create a safe and clean work environment for the teams 

Salary And Benefits 

$43500 per year salary 

Vacation: 20 days vacation per year 

Schedule: 8-5 PM during high season, 9-5 during low season

Start Date: If you apply, you will be added to the waiting list for this position

Access to the MicroHabitat company phone plan after three months of employment

Able to contribute to the MicroHabitat health insurance plan after three months of employment 

Lead Generation Bonus: $100 per confirmed project through lead generation 

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