Chief farming officer

Rate of pay$65000 per year

Experience our program that consists of an urban farm installed directly on your property and that is maintained weekly by an urban farmer. Now is your chance to cultivate with us.

Rôles and responsibilities:

Hiring and staffing : 

  • Hiring chief farmers & lead farmers in all cities
  • Approving the hiring of other positions within the farming department.
  • Making sure all cities are staffed and fully equipped to run our operations
  • Predictions for staffing and equipment purchasing 
  • Purchasing authority for orders : expenses over $100 
  • Training and onboarding of chief farmers & lead farmers
  • Quality control in all cities  
  • Human Resource manager in the farming department of all cities 

Human Resources:

  • Support to employee needs and benefits for all employee's throughout the company
  • Training and onboarding of chief farmers & lead farmers in all cities
  • Support to the onboarding of the farmers and installation team members in all cities
  • Organizing pan-company employee events

Procurement & expansion :

  • Supervisory rôle in the procurement & expansion department
  • supervisory rôle in the implementation & standardization of suppliers and supply chains.

Quality Control:

  • Safety and quality inspections throughout all the cities 
  • Follow-ups of lead & chief farmer follow-ups
  • Problem-solving & analysis
  • Traveling to various cities across North America to assure standardization of production & company culture, vision and values.


  • Manages technological tools, emails & whole company infrastructure throughout all cities


  • Working directly with the admin team, for the approval & management of the payroll
  • Creation of employee contracts
  • Approval of employee contracts

Infrastructure & safety:

  • Making sure infrastructure is safe & secure
  • Making sure the company has the infrastructure needed to operate in every one of its cities.
  • Main point of contact for any infrastructure & safety matter and concern in the company throughout all cities
  • Managing MicroHabitat insurance policies
  • Filling insurance claims
  • Supplier research

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