Salt and Pepper Grill and Pub Careers and Jobs

WE OPENED SALT & PEPPER IN 2010 and our philosophy is simple: We are dedicated to bringing great food and hospitality to our community. Salt & Pepper was created as a place to share our love for amazing food in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Featuring interesting takes on classic pub favorites such as Burgers and Fries, to fresh Salmon over Parmesan Rissotto. We aim to offer a variety of exciting options that put the color back in your life. PULL UP A CHAIR. TAKE A TASTE. COME JOIN US. For 11 years we’ve served the people of West Michigan ...Show full descriptionand will continue to do so with a little Salt, Pepper, and a whole lot of Love. If you’re looking for great food, hearty drinks and a good time, pull up a chair and join us. Feed the food lover in you.Show less
What does career growth look like at Salt and Pepper Grill and Pub?
We are a restaurant that is growing into doing catering events as well as just being a full service restaurant. There are opportunities to learn under Certified Executive Chef Micky Johnson, a former culinary instructor for Baker College.
What are the perks and benefits of working at Salt and Pepper Grill and Pub?
We have developed a guest centric culture of hospitality and customer service which has helped us become a local favorite. A great perk is that we are closed on Sundays and Mondays and all major Holidays leaving time for us to enjoy life a little more than most places. We offer a nice benefit package and always take great care of our crew.
What is it like to work at Salt and Pepper Grill and Pub?
If you like a team/family atmos0phere, then you will appreciate what S&P brings to the table. Locally owned by Mike and Stephanie Karas for 11 years. We are a part of the fabric of Holland and enjoy our guests, staff, and restaurant very much..
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11539 E Lakewood Blvd, Holland, MI 49424
$1500 bonus for the right person Chef Micky Johnson- You'll...
Rate of pay$15-$18+ per hour
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