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Dunkin’ had a very manual and time-intensive hiring process. Now, they have one app: Workstream.


Before Workstream, our GMs were looking through so many different applications, making phone calls and trying to lock a date down. Now, they just get a little notification on their phone—and that's pretty much it. It takes five seconds.

Aaron Najem

Area Coach at Fiesta QSR Group, a Taco Bell franchisee


Workstream makes it easier for potential team members to apply and makes life easier for the hiring managers. We have definitely received more and better applicants because of Workstream.

Dusty Pyne

Chick-fil-A franchisee


Workstream has been exceptional with us, integrating with our HRIS system. So, the minute we know we have someone hired, Workstream pours the information into our HRIS so we can begin the process to activate them as a working employee in our group.

Cynthia Cox

Chief People Officer at Prime Hospitality Group, a Ruth’s Chris Steak House franchisee