Team Member

Rate of pay$14.35 - 14.85 per hour


The Team Member is responsible for a variety of duties involved in the daily operations of a single restaurant for an assigned shift.



  • Front counter service and/or drive thru service (front of house); Takes customer orders politely and accurately, expedites order and delivers to customer, ensures proper cash handling practices are followed, maintains cleanliness of counter, dining room, and restrooms. Follows directions as instructed by manager on duty.
  • Kitchen food Prep (back of house); Openers set up workstations and complete opening checklists.  All food preparation necessary to ready the restaurant to serve customers is complete and adheres to Burger King operational Brand standards.  This to include salad preparation, thawing of products, cooking and proper holding of all beef, chicken, fish, french fries, buns, and other ancillary products.
  • Operates fryer to prepare fries and other specialty products.
  • Facility maintenance outdoors: perform duties outside that include but are not limited to empty trash cans, hose down parking lost, pick up trash in parking lot, drive thru and landscaping. Shovels snow and sweeps sidewalks and patios. Clean menu boards, windows, trash receptacles and dumpster area.  
  • Facility maintenance indoors: clean dining room, play land, restrooms, drive thru and kitchen area, empty trash, clean tables, chairs, play equipment, toilets and sinks, windows and ledges, mop floors, clean kitchen equipment, dishes, clean and organize walk in freezer and storage areas.
  • Stocking: unload and stock product deliveries, maintain stocked ice dispensers, portable and walk-in freezers and beverage centers and condiment centers, maintain stock levels in kitchen areas.

This job description is a generic listing of the responsibilities of the Team Member position; some of these responsibilities may not be required at all times.

Equipment, Tools, Materials Utilized:  Food and preparation equipment.

Work Environment:  Indoors, heat from cooking equipment. Outdoors for some cleaning and maintenance of the patio, parking lot and other outdoor spaces.

Physical Requirements:

Type / Frequency / Description, Height and Weight

  • Climbing / Only closers / Surface: Stepladder, 6 feet
  • Pushing/pulling / Occasional / Bread racks or equipment on roller
  • Sitting / Occasional / At breaks and lunch/dinner
  • Standing / Constant / Surface:  Tile
  • Reaching / Frequently / Floor to 6-7 feet
  • Twisting / Occasional / May twist at waist or turn entire body
  • Bending / Occasional / May usually bend or squat to reach floor, low shelves
  • Squatting / Occasional / May usually bend or squat to reach floor, low shelves
  • Lifting / Occasional / Height: to waist; Weight: Most under 10 Lb., but occasionally up to 50 Lb.
  • Carrying / Occasional / Weight: Most under 10 Lb., but occasionally up to 50 Lb. Distance: within restaurant

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