Team Member

Rate of pay$14 - $14.50 per hour

1. Job Duties

Works at any one or more stations to prepare and serve fast-service foods:

  • Broiler-Steamer:  Transports boxes of hamburger and whopper patties and buns from storage area to steamer-broiler.  Places sandwich patty and bun on conveyor to be taken through broiler.  Removes from end of conveyor using tongs and places in steamer to maintain heat until final preparation.
  • Sandwich Prep Board:  Listens to and watches for orders to determine type of sandwich to be made.  Removes sandwich patty and bun from steamer.  Applies condiments, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, etc. according to order.  Wraps or places finished sandwich in serving box.  Marks wrapping to indicate type of sandwich and extras and marks hold time and places on heat chute.
  • Fry Station:  Checks level of cooking oil and removes or adds appropriate amount of shortening for food to be prepared.  Transports boxes or bags of frozen food from freezer to refrigerator or workstation.  Prepares baskets of french fries for busy times.  Listens to and watches for orders to monitor and determine food to be prepared.  Places food (french fries, onion rings, hash browns) in fryer basket and lowers into appropriate vat.  Presses appropriate timer to determine cooking time.  Removes from oil, allows to drain, salts (as appropriate), and places in serving container.  Is often also assigned to Specialty Sandwich Board.
  • Specialty Sandwich Board:  Transports boxes of food from storage freezer/refrigerator to freezer at work site.  Listens to and watches for orders and prepares sandwiches, chicken tenders and hot dessert pies or other items. Toasts sandwich buns and prepares sandwich with meat, condiments, and garnishes ordered. Places chicken tenders in fryer basket, lowers into appropriate vat, and removes after proper cooking time.  Wraps finished foods for serving.  Is often also assigned to Fry Station.
  • Expeditor:  Assists in food preparation and assembling orders for guests.  Reviews orders and gathers prepared foods.  Places order on dining room tray or in take-out bags.  Notifies other team members and team leaders of shortages.  Serves shakes, pressing lids onto beverage containers.  Places portioned condiments, napkins and straws with orders.

All team members and team leaders monitor holding time of cooked and prepared foods and discard when time period has been surpassed.  When slow, assists in maintaining order and cleanliness of kitchen.  Washes trays, pans, racks and other kitchen equipment by hand.  Breaks down and cleans kitchen equipment.  Wipes surfaces and mops floor.

When designated as a closer, turns off and dismantles cooking equipment.  Sanitizes equipment with approved solutions.  Climbs 6-foot stepladder to clean hoods and ventilators.  Rolls filter pump to fryer, attaches hoses and activates pump to filter oil.  At designated intervals, empties oil and discards to holding barrels and cleans vats.  Scrubs and hot-hoses floors.

2. Equipment, Tools, Materials Utilized:  Food and preparation equipment.

3. Work Environment:  Indoors, heat from cooking equipment. Outdoors for some cleaning and maintenance of the patio, parking lot and other outdoor spaces.

4. Physical Requirements:

Type / Frequency / Description, Height and Weight

  • Climbing / Only closers / Surface: Stepladder, 6 feet
  • Pushing/pulling / Occasional / Bread racks or equipment on roller
  • Sitting / Occasional / At breaks and lunch/dinner
  • Standing / Constant / Surface:  Tile
  • Reaching / Frequently / Floor to 6-7 feet
  • Twisting / Occasional / May twist at waist or turn entire body
  • Bending / Occasional / May usually bend or squat to reach floor, low shelves
  • Squatting / Occasional / May usually bend or squat to reach floor, low shelves
  • Lifting / Occasional / Height: to waist; Weight: Most under 10 Lb., but occasionally up to 50 Lb.
  • Carrying / Occasional / Weight: Most under 10 Lb., but occasionally up to 50 Lb. Distance: within restaurant

Burger King - BK22026

697 Main St, Taylor, AZ, 85939