Full Time
Rate of pay$15 per hour
Main Responsibilities of a Driver:

● Driving clients in a safe and timely manner
● Keeping the vehicle clean and safe
● Planning routes based on road and traffic conditions

Driver Job Description:

We are looking for a qualified driver to transport our clients and make sure they arrive at their desired destinations in a safe and timely manner.

A good job candidate must be an experienced driver with a valid driver's license and a completely clean driving record. We need our driver to have no previous traffic violations, as our clients depend on us to keep them safe on the road at all times. It is also the driver's responsibility to make sure all their passengers are wearing seatbelts.

A qualified job candidate must observe all traffic regulations, and be able to plan the best routes based on road and traffic conditions. They also must properly maintain the vehicle on a daily basis to keep it clean, comfortable, and safe.

Responsibilities of a Driver:

● Picking up clients at the requested place and time
● Using a navigation app to plan the best routes
● Staying up-to-date with weather and road conditions
● Adjusting routes based on road, traffic, and weather conditions
● Conducting daily vehicle maintenance checks
● Immediately reporting any potential vehicle issues
● Keeping clients comfortable and safe
● Interacting with clients in a professional and friendly manner
● Assisting clients with luggage
● Providing excellent driving experience
● Collecting payments and providing receipts

Driver Job Requirements:

● A valid driver's license
● A clean driving record
● Driving experience
● Familiarity with GPS devices and navigation apps
● Ability to handle heavy luggage
● Strong communication skills
● Professional, friendly, and polite disposition

California Grill - Whittier

6751 Painter Ave, Whittier, CA, 90601