Stuff'd Wings Careers and Jobs

Main responsibilities of a cashier:

● Managing transactions, making sure pricing is accurate
● Accepting payments and providing receipts
● Bagging purchased goods

Cashier Job Description:

We are looking for a qualified and responsible cashier to manage all transactions with our customers efficiently and accurately.

A good job candidate is a person who knows their way around a cash register and can easily operate it, together with a product scanner. Their main responsibilities include accepting payments and providing receipts, making sure all transactions run smoothly and every customer is satisfied with the service.

The cashier we would like to employ must be able to interact with our customers in a friendly manner, and provide assistance should any customer require it. Excellent communication skills are paramount to help us continue to delight our customers and provide them with an outstanding experience.

A qualified candidate must also be able to follow instructions and be a successful member of our team. Previous experience is an advantage, and solid math and multitasking skills are a must.

Responsibilities of a Cashier:

● Greeting customers when entering and leaving the premises
● Managing transactions using a cash register
● Balancing the cash register
● Scanning goods and making sure pricing and quantities are accurate
● Accepting payments in cash, credit or check
● Providing change and receipts
● Issuing coupons, vouchers, stamps and gift cards
● Processing returns and refunds, and resolving customer complaints
● Bagging and wrapping purchased goods for safe transport
● Upselling and cross-selling when appropriate

Cashier Job Requirements:

● Experience with POS systems and cash registers
● Basic computer knowledge
● Good math skills
● Excellent communication skills

Ability to effectively resolve complaints

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