Stuff'd Wings Careers and Jobs

Restaurant Manager

Rate of pay$45000 per year

Main Responsibilities of a Store Manager

● Responsible for every aspect of everyday supervision of store outlets
● Responsible for resources management
● Takes care of stock, staff, and sales management

Store Manager Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and skilled store manager with remarkable kitchen skills, who will run the restaurant effectively and with attention to detail.

Our store manager candidates are required to be in constant contact with the staff and customers. They need to be able to ensure their staff provides the highest quality customer services and monitor the overall  performance of the store.

The responsibilities of a store manager are to greet the staff and customers, provide them with what they need, give intelligent recommendations and suggestions, build customer and brand trust, assist the staff with anything they need and make sure the customers have a great shopping experience, ensure the restaurant maintains a high level of cleanliness, assist in cross-training employees.

More importantly, a perfect store manager candidate should be reliable, accommodating, courteous, and friendly to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied and have a strong background in restaurant management and BOH.

Responsibilities of a Store Manager

● Recruiting and appraising staff
● Training and supervising staff
● Dealing with customer complaints and queries
● Overseeing stock and pricing control
● Maximizing profitability and productivity
● Motivating staff to meet sales targets
● Setting sales targets
● Ensuring compliance with safety and health regulations
● Preparing promotional displays and materials
● Liaising with management
● Taking care of promotional prospects, benefits, and salaries of their staff
● Providing opportunities for staff advancements

Store Manager Job Requirements:

● Commercial awareness
● Confidence
● Resourcefulness
● Organizational skills
● Teamworking skills
● Verbal communication skills
● Numerical skills
● Excellent IT skills
● Enthusiasm
● Executive skills
● Problem-solving skills
● Showing initiative
● Setting a good example

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