• Greet and seat guests.
  • Communicate features.
  • Answer telephone, take reservations, take out orders.
  • Take guests food/ beverage orders.
  • Read order chits.
  • Serve food and beverages, checking for completion and proper order.
  • Clear/Clean/ Reset tables.
  • Enter orders into computer system.
  • Service all tables.
  • Stock stations.
  • Transport soiled dishes and/or soiled dish tubs, where applicable.
  • Keep floors clean.
  • Tender guest checks, make change.
  • Re-fill liquids.
  • Perform opening/ closing duties, i.e. gather from walk-in cooler, dry storage, dish room, roll      silverware, slice desserts, place foods into containers, etc.

Physical functions:  

Adjust, bend, clean, clear, close, control, cut, fold, gather, guide, handle, hear, hold, lift, maintain,  open, place, pour, print, pull, push, remove,  separate, sort, speak, transport, turn, unload, write.

Mental functions: 

Advise, calculate, compare, coordinate, detect, estimate, evaluate, inspect, instruct, interpret, observe, organize, plan, read, select, sell, solicit, sort, verify.


  • Physically approach guests at their table.
  • Verbally communicate features to guests.
  • Verbally instruct guests to visit the salad bar, if applicable.
  • Verbally take and write down food and beverage orders.
  • Physically enter food order into computer system.
  • Deliver beverages to guests, using a tray.
  • Calculate length of time for food to be prepared.
  • Hand deliver food items to guests (tray delivery, where applicable).
  • Move about the restaurant observing phases of dining, clearing/ cleaning tables, pouring liquids, taking out food.


Carry soiled dishes and/or soiled dish tubs to dish area.

Use a carpet sweeper for floors.

Carry and set up high chairs and booster seats.


  • Greet guests at table promptly.
  • Write orders accurately.
  • Calculate food times accurately.
  • Prompt food and beverage delivery.
  • Clear/Clean tables 40 seconds after guest’s departure.
  • Always circulate through dining room.
  • Assist in seating guests.
  • Assist other servers in maintaining overall service levels.

All of the Cocktail/ Food server duties require immediate attention.  The greeting, seating, reciting features in order for the guest to be comfortable and informed; circulating the dining room and assisting each other in pouring drinks and running food to ensure proper service levels, are all expected output.  Failure to perform these functions may result in suspension or termination.



Varying work surfaces, faucets, pens, computers, blenders, measuring tools, glasses, espresso machine (where applicable) glass washer, various chemicals, soda gun.


  • Possible wet floors.
  • Temperatures, heated in winter, cooled in summer.
  • Transitional areas from carpet to tile, raised areas i.e.: steps and in some areas – ramps.
  • Medium noise level.
  • Walk-in cooler temperatures 32 degrees, freezer 0 degrees
  • Standing for 5-8 hours per shift.
  • Possibility of cuts, bruises, scrapes, burns, slips/fall
  • Good ventilation.


Workers are responsible for all assigned work in the area.  Report to the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Corporate Management, Owner.

Cattle Baron Restaurants - CB1 PORTALES (D1)

1600 S Avenue D, Portales, NM, 88130