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Director of Operations

Full time

What are we all about?

CleanTurn revitalizes commercial spaces by providing professional cleaning services. By providing professional cleaning services, we are changing perceptions and shattering the myth that a person’s past dictates their future.  

Our team is extremely diverse, exciting, motivating and committed to excellence. We are intentional on providing a supportive culture sensitive to the myriad of challenges associated with the impact of generational poverty, incarceration, addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, human trafficking and other traumatic experiences. 

If you are interested in a culture pursuing a healthy mixture of business and social work then you want to join this ever evolving, learning and growing team!

Summary/Objective of this particular role:

As the Director of Operations, you will be responsible for managing the day to day operations and continued growth of the day and night teams. 

The primary functions of this role are:  

Achieve Gross Margin Goal

• Track the effectiveness of the overall operations by reviewing the margin tracker and monthly P&L ensuring yearly goals are being met.

• Proactively address issues making any necessary adjustments to ensure all goals are met 

• Manage the quarterly and annual budgeting process.

• Collaborate with teams to achieve margin goals.

Manage Logistics:  Staff / Inventory / Fleet

• Oversee the day-to-day operations of the day and night teams, ensuring that each shift runs smoothly and efficiently.

• Develop, coach, and motivate shift managers

• Ensure overall excellence in quality control, customer satisfaction and staff morale.

• Oversee all components of the inventory process: ordering, storage and usage  

• Manage fleet maintenance and repairs

• Maintain a working knowledge of all phases of operations.

Implement SOPs / QC / Customer Service Standards 

• Define and implement operation strategies, structures, and processes

• Develop and document standard operating procedure

• Ensure the CleanTurn Way is executed 

• Develop quality control metrics

• Manage customer relationships 

• Deliver responsive and exceptional customer service 

• Hold the team accountable and uphold standards of excellence

Anticipate Growth Expansion

• Develop a replicable operations model for sustainability and growth

• Work with managers and staff to continually improve systems, anticipate and support growth and strengthen operations

• Work with the CleanTurn Director Team to oversee the overall vision and growth of CleanTurn

Lead, Manage, Accountability

• Provide strategic leadership and management oversite to shift managers to ensure superior service delivery

• Support the Account Manager and Commercial Managers (day and night) as needed, fill in the gaps when not present.

• Train new managers and provide ongoing coaching and training for current managers.

• Participate in company training, ensuring effective communication and distribution of information to employees, supervisors, and customers.

• Carry out director’s responsibilities in accordance with the company’s policies, customers’ rules and regulations and applicable laws when needed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Other Abilities:

• Ability to multi-task in fast paced environment with constantly changing priorities and high customer demand

• Ability to lead, manage and hold staff and reporting managers accountable. 

• Insightful, articulate and can relate to people at all levels of the organization 

• Possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor

• Excellent internal and external customer service skills

• Ability to address quality control issues in a way that motivates the team towards success

• Microsoft Office skills, i.e. Excel, Word plus Gmail, Google docs, Google calendar.

• Strong attention to detail

• Excellent organizational skills

• Ability to travel to surrounding areas with own transportation

• Knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials, and supplies

• Experience related to our mission


1. Valid driver's license 

2. Flexibility

3. Strong communication and customer service skills

4. Must be able to prioritize with discernment on what is important and what can wait 

5. Focuses on the achievement of objectives and standards. 

6. Strives to improve or meet a standard of excellence 

7. Passion for the mission

8. Knowledge of the janitorial industry

CleanTurn - Columbus

1059 Cable Ave, Columbus, OH 43222