Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen Careers and Jobs

Focused, Committed, Organized 

If you would use these terms to describe yourself then please apply, we have been waiting for you!

At Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen we are looking for talented individuals. That take pride in there work, are committed to excellence and eager to grow and succeed. We are a growing company, that believes your individual goals, passions, dreams, and success are directly aligned with the success of our establishment. 

If you have a Hunger for more (meaning of Ambriza) personality look no further. Apply to join our family today and be Dramatically Different

Job Description.

Expo is responsible for setting the pace and the flow of the kitchen. The Expo receive the tickets from the printer and communicates with the kitchen to insure that full orders are properly filled, and transported to the tables.

The Expo should be able to work in a fast paced environment in high pressure situations during peak business hours. While maintaining a clean and organized work space. Multitasking with multiple orders at once. Able to communicate in a clear and level manor. 

Tools for your successful journey

Food handlers permit. - To adhere with state and local guidelines, and to ensure that the highest of standards are being met.

Willingness to adapt and grow. - The beautiful reality of the hospitality industry is no two days are ever the same. Each new day brings its own challenges and rewards. 

Team player. -  The strength of our team is each individual member, but the strength of each member is the team.