Chow Daddy's Careers and Jobs

Rate of payStarting at $15 per hour

Main Responsibilities of a Dishwasher:

● Consistently ensure the availability of clean flatware, glassware, dishes, pots and pans.

● Maintain proper levels of detergents and sanitizers in dish machine

● Check dish machine wash and rinse temperatures hourly

● Change dish water as needed with volume - Once an hour for conveyor machines during high volume

● Set up 3 compartment sink with proper levels of sanitizer (use test strips) in 3rd compartment

● Adhere to food safety procedures and regulations.

● Maintain a clean and dry dish area

We are looking for positive and friendly individuals that enjoy working with people in a team driven environment to provide a great experience for our guests. We love what we do and enjoy working with like minded individuals to provide our guests with the best dining experience in our community. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond and doing whatever is necessary to make us our guests first choice whenever they think of dining out.

Other Responsibilities

● Smile and be friendly.

● Maintain a safe, clean and sanitized work area at all times.

● Safety is everyone's priority - Report any unsafe conditions or needed repairs to equipment to management immediately.

● Work together as a team

● Everything has a place - Always put things back where they live

● Keep clean dish shelves organized and plates, lexans etc. stacked by groups

● Always use wet floor signs whenever mopping. Place at the entry and exit points of all wet areas.

● Always put mats down immediately after mopping.

● Sort silverware whenever you have time

● Inspect plates, glassware and pans for cleanliness when pulling from dish table. Clean is CLEAN there is no such thing as sort of clean

● Help others when needed - teamwork

● Always be respectful to other team members


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