Catering Manager

Full Time
Rate of pay$36000 - $39000 per year

Oversees operations of the Catering Department. This position requires a working knowledge of Restaurant Operations as well as how it relates to catering. The person must be friendly, and enthusiastic, and project a positive and professional image as this person works in a customer relation environment. Must be capable of working 50-plus hours per week on multiple shifts in a wide array of environments depending on the catering situation. Must also be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds and have a valid driver’s license. 


  • Will establish and maintain a client database with the backup of all catering and deliveries. 
  • Will increase sales by marketing the Dreamland experience and by establishing relationships with local venues. 
  • Will work closely with GM and Kitchen Mgr. on special events that require planning and ordering outside the norm. 
  • Will follow up on all calls, emails, and inquiries regarding catering services. 
  • Will assist GM on catering department staffing as business dictates. 
  • Will provide updates at regularly scheduled manager meetings so to keep the company informed of the catering portion of the company. 
  • Will provide management backup in the absence or scheduled vacations of restaurant management staff. 


  • Is responsible for and accountable for the profitability of the catering department. 
  • Is responsible for and accountable for the satisfaction of all of our customers by being punctual, courteous, helpful, and providing high-quality food and service. 
  • Is responsible for and accountable to the GM for the operation of the catering department in accordance with the Operations Standards established by Dreamland Holding Co, LLC. 
  • Is ultimately responsible for the upkeep, (including the periodic maintenance, fluid levels, and cleanliness) of all company-owned vehicles including gas levels and appearance of those vehicles. 
  • Will establish and maintain a system for follow-up on catering events that will include callbacks so to assure proper client satisfaction and deliver the Dreamland experience. 
  • Assist store management in accordance with the Operational Standards, procedures, and policies. Can jump in and assist during high volume times. 
  • Is responsible for any catering cash accounts and accounts receivable. 
  • Is responsible for securing and maintaining a neat and organized catering office including the supplies and equipment needed to operate that office. 
  • Assures the catering department follows governmental guidelines including Health, OSHA, as well as ABC board guidelines. 
  • Is responsible to ensure that all catering staff adheres to the Vehicle Policies as set in the Dreamland Human Resources manual including the accurate and timely reporting of accidents involving company vehicles. 


Education: Must have a minimum of a high school diploma. A two-year college education is preferred. Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language used in the workplace. 

Experience: Must have a minimum of 2 years of food and beverage experience. Server or catering experience is preferred. 


Dreamland BBQ - Duluth, GA

3540 W Lawrenceville St, Duluth, GA, 30096