Farley's Pub Careers and Jobs


Rate of pay$10.5 per hour


  • Greet and seat guests
  • Communicate features to customers
  • Answer telephone
  • Take reservations/ Take out orders
  • Seat customers
  • Clear/Clean/ Set tables
  • Move tables and chairs
  • Assist in taking out food, re-filling beverages, etc.
  • Maintain cleanliness of foyer, hostess area, waiting area, and applicable restrooms.

Physical functions:  

Bend, clean, clear, control, gather, guide, handle, hear, hold, insert, lift, maintain, mark, place, pour, print, pull, push, speak, write.

Mental functions:  

Advise, calculate, coordinate, detect, estimate, evaluate, instruct, observe, organize, plan, read, record, select, solicit, supervise, verify


  • Verbally greet guests when they enter the restaurant.
  • Verbally and physically direct guests to the seating or waiting area.
  • Verbally instruct servers on special needs of guests (IE: Birthday, in a hurry, etc.)
  • Write names on a wait list, write down reservations and take out orders.
  • By counting, calculate length of wait.
  • Coordinate seating with guests placed on wait list, and guests with reservations.
  • Move about the restaurant observing phases of dining, clearing/ cleaning tables, pouring liquids, taking out food.
  • Carry soiled dishes/dish tubs to dish area.
  • Use a carpet sweeper for floors.
  • Gather menus, clean menus, insert new menus into covers.
  • Carry and set up high chairs/ booster chairs.
  • Interact closely with all members of the staff and public.
  • Pickup debris from floors.
  • Polish brass fixtures, glass, wood- glass doors reaching up to 7 feet, ladder provided.
  • Replace paper products in applicable restrooms.


  • Greet guests within 30 seconds.
  • Write information immediately and legibly.
  • Calculate wait immediately.
  • Clear/clean tables within 40 seconds of guest’s departure.
  • Walk through Dining Room every 1-3 minutes.

All of the host/ hostess duties require immediate attention.  The greeting, seating, assisting the servers to assure  proper service levels, and coordinating the seating of guests are all expected output.  Failure to perform these functions may result in suspension or termination.


Varying work surfaces, pens, computers, various chemicals, trays, telephone, 


Possible wet floors.

Temperatures, heated in winter, cooled in summer.

Transitional areas from carpet to tile, raised areas i.e. steps and in some areas – ramps.

Medium noise level.

Walk-in cooler temperatures 32 degrees, freezer 0 degrees

Standing for 5-8 hours per shift.

Possibility of cuts, bruises, scrapes, burns, slips/fall

Good ventilation.


Workers are responsible for all assigned work in the area.  Report to the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager, Corporate Management, Owner.

Farley's Pub - F3 ROSWELL (D1)

1315 N Main St, Roswell, NM, 88201